Saturday, December 26, 2009

Like New!

I sort of inherited a Laubin oboe from my first teacher about 20 years ago. It has been languishing in my possession for all this time, and I finally decided to send it off to it's place of birth (the Laubin factory) for an overhaul. It just came back (like a Christmas gift) and although I haven't played with others it seems to be fabulous! I'm really looking forward to seeing how it works in a group (I usually play a Loree).

Only thing is it seems to be very dark (lovely) but I've been having trouble projecting my sound in the orchestra - so this oboe may not work for that setting. We'll see, it's fun to play anyway. Think I'll bring it along just to get used to it for our week of visiting reletives, I'm sure they will all be thrilled for me to play! hahaha.

In gig news, I am annoyed to hear that they are doing a show (Curtains) at the local theater but only hiring ONE wind player to cover FIVE books. Grrr. The most annoying thing is the 2nd book would be perfect for me, oboe/EH/clar/tsax - I'm really trying to get my doubling career going. Why won't people work with me here?!!! Ah well. At least the one person they DID hire is someone I know and like!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Wow, first rehearsal this am with the pianist for the Dring Trio - what a fun piece! And overall we sound great (IMHO) - can't wait for faculty recital (April, we are way ahead of the game). Looking for other fl/ob/pno trios, preferrably NOT baroque unless the keyboard part is more than continuo. Anyone?

This afternoon is my recorder student "recital" - actually I think only one of them can play Jingle Bells, but I'm bring the oboe to drown them out. Should be fine, they are WAY more interested in the santa hats and jingle bell bracelets. Silly girls.

Tonight I have a fun gig with two awesome wind players at the local HS choir concert. And I volunteered to sort/pass out music for our Jan orchestra concert, so I will be the fun person who give out music in my area (the orchestra is located in a town 30 miles away, so many people drive over from the "big city") Anyway, should be good - then two cantatas Sunday and I'm done. Kinda sad I have nothing on Christmas eve, but I guess that is nice for a change. Merry Merry, everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Swans a swimmin

The big piece on our winter concert was Swan Lake (yeah baby!) which starts out with this huge oboe solo. What a great experience, but as always we get to the day and I'm wondering how time flew by so fast. I feel that it actually went pretty well, but I guess I'll know more when I hear the recording.

Orchestra is over until January, except for a party - which is unfortunately the same day as another gig. I'm playing for a HS choir concert, the conductor is a good friend who makes these fabulous arrangements and always gives me great solos. LOVE to play for him! Also doing a cantata on Sunday, not with my church, by some guy named Pepper. It seems like it will be "nice", but I won't hear it with singers til the gig.

The only other music-y thing going on is my recorder students - last year we played Christmas carols for the rest of the school (20 kids). Fun and low key, so I figured we'd do it again. THIS year they are SO not ready to play. Except one student, they can't get through 8 bars of Jingle Bells! I feel bad, not sure what the deal is. They can play the notes - and last year I did a kind of "suzuki" type approach with no music for a while. This year that playing by ear thing doesn't seem to be catching on. Oh well. They'll have a great time with their santa hats and jingle bells even if they can't play! I'm bringing my oboe to blast over their sound. Will report on the insanity after Thursday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yep, it's Christmas!

Burst of activity! Band concert went pretty well on Monday - I was NOT perfect but I think I did contribute; J sounded great on his solo (trumpet). Fun to come in and play the concerts, but while I miss the people it is so nice to have my Mondays at home.

We saw the most amazing concert Tuesday - it is a chamber music series that we actually got season tix for (three concerts); you sit at little tables in this beautifully restored ballroom from a 5star hotel (turn of the last century), each table has a lovely bottle of wine and cheese/crackers chocolate-covered strawberries for nibbling. The performers all announce their own pieces and give a little What to Listen For speech. It is somewhat more casual than the usual orchestra concerts. LOVE it - there was a Mark O'conn@ll trio (fiddle-inspired), the B@rber Summer Music (ww5 - they were so good!) and Br@hms Sextet (Sectstet? for my mom- hehe) which was awe inspiring.

Tonight we had our first ww5 rehearsal - at my house!! after a crazy day of school meetings, oboe lesson (teaching), swimming lesson (for D across town) and dashing back to rehearsal. Also made dinner for the boys somehow. I was kind of nervous so I didn't eat but it went great. It was just fun making music with such musicians, we are hoping to have a fairly regular weekly rehearsal schedule and are considering which direction (gigs or recitals) to go - right now I want to just work on playing well with these people - this is going to be great for our symphony playing. So any of you musicians with ww5 suggestions please weigh in!

We currently have Ib@rt Trois Pieces, Hind@mith, Arn0ld Three Shanties, and the Poul@nc Sextet, and a few ditties.