Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Season off to a bang!

Well, this isn't the official season yet, but since we didn't have any actual gigs in the summer, these two summer pops concerts seem like the beginning. And the first one went well - private concert at the country club - about 250 people! Perfect weather, we were in a tent overlooking the lake and it was wonderful. Of course last time we did this gig it was 105 in the tent. Yes, you read that correctly.

I am really worried about our little gang of musicians, the money is really tight. They are probably making the January concert strings only. I am sad but it's a good call, we are backing up a celtic band for the 2nd part of the concert (family concert) and they'll just change the first piece to something appropriate.

But we are on for Mahler 1 in October! After hearing us muddle through the Tchaik Romeo and Juliet I wonder how it will be - we weren't terrible, but it wasn't amazing. I am stressed because there is no money for and EH player, so I was juggling horns and outdoors that sucks. My reed was all dried out - I had planned to ghost some notes with the clarinets before the solo and not ONE of them spoke AT ALL! I was kinda freaking out, but the solo miraculously came out ok - and it is doubled with the cellos (not really a solo then, is it? but we all know the cellos are just there for backup)

No rehearsals til Labor day - we have a sound check/rehearsalette before the concert.

In other news, it appears I will be doing the giant reed 3 book for west side story! This is the book with flute, picc, oboe, EH, clar, bass clar, tenor sax and bari sax! Holy cow. I am planning to play the flute/picc stuff on oboe unless it just doesn't work, and then we can switch parts around. Since the last time they did this show they had ONE wind player for all FIVE books, I'm sure it will be great. I'm excited to do it anyway - and J has let his "aquiring" side go mad on Craiglist - I now own a bari sax and bass clarinet - neither of which is currently playable, but we have hopes this will change. *sigh*