Saturday, April 2, 2011

wind player woes

After the dearth of musical activity, I will be playing a ton later this month. First the Beethoven Trio and a couple other things on a recital - I had forgotten the Beethoven just goes on and on! Fiddler at DDs school, always fun but that means every night for a week - euphonium for Easter brass (hilarious), and WW4 for wine tasting - all new music since our hornist is unavailable.

And our season finale (Scherazade, Afternoon of a faun, and Haydn Farwell) starts in the midst of all this. Lots of endurance issues. For me anyway! Compounded by the NEXT show I'm doing (may-june) which is mostly tenor/bari sax. Bari just takes soooo much wind! I am just trying to practice long tones (not very long on that beast), but the proximity of the gig is making me nervous.

With all that coming up I almost forgot I'm playing (oboe) for masterclass tomorrow! Ack! I think I'll play some slow bits from AOAF and Scherazade, love all that really low stuff (not).