Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, I wasn't sure if I should post this on the music blog or the "life" blog, since mostly I am just feeling guilty about not practicing... but if you don't want to read about it feel free to skip this one!

Somehow a tiny tickle in my throat turned into the horrible death illness - fortunately I haven't had any required appearances this week. I did recorders before it really set in, I'm kind of excited to have them playing for St Paddy's Day next month! They are learning a jig (Scatter the Mud) and a lovely Irish tune - the Water is Wide. I may play the harp with them if they are able to play alone, and we might even bring in my friend who is another parent to play his uillean pipes - we'll see. Maybe we'd do that for the end of the year. Next week is vacation for them anyway, so I don't want to pile it on too high.

And during that vacation we're going to Disneyland!! J and I have both been but it's been more than 20 years for both of us - so much of the park is new or redone. My good friend works there and is giving us advice and a lovely discount! D is kind of horrified and won't tell people where we are going, he just says "southern california". He did perk up when I said we would also go to the beach and maybe Seaworld or the aquarium. What a dorky little dude. I'm betting I will have a changed attitude to post about next time.

And when we get back the symphony starts rehearsals for the young artist concert (my favorite!). I'm kind of excited, but because I have been soooo sick I am also dreading it. There are a couple oboe solos but I've played it all but the Neilson clarinet conceerto before - not even sure that has oboe. I really don't want to bring the oboe on the trip, although maybe I'll take the camping oboe - J would love that.

The other interesting news on that front is that I've been asked to join the symphony board. And I agreed. Could be a big mistake! I have complained about them for years, so I suppose it will be good to put my money where my mouth is...I do have a lot of ideas, but no experience on boards. Fortunately I KNOW people who have been on boards to give me advice, and maybe I can actually do some good.