Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still sick

Well, this is really dragging on! I have been sick pretty much all of February, blech. Tonight we had a player's committee meeting to pick the rep for next year. I thought it went pretty well, and I'm so excited that my big pick (Beet 3) looks like a go for October. Trying to raise attendance is a really big issue right now, and the conductor keeps saying we need to program pieces people will know...

I'm just hoping we get to do a few real classical works a year, it is hard to justify since apparently the audience we attract only likes movie music, jazz and broadway. That isn't totally true, but it does seem like that is what people want. I have no problem ADDING a concert of broadway stuff, but I don't want to change one of our already sparse concerts to a pops format. Oh well, I guess that's why I'm on the committee!

First rehearsal for the young artists concert (all concertos) Thursday, we missed last week due to snow! Concert next week - holy cow.