Sunday, June 26, 2011


Can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted - but Full Monty is finally over! I'm kinda sad, the best shows are still fun to play after a few weeks, but it's always nice to get the evenings back. This week has been filled with non-musical stuff, although today I played oboe and RECORDER in church! Hehe, guess now that I'm a pro (played 4 bars in Full Monty) I can play recorder everywhere.

We are actually getting a group (consort) together just for fun, maybe to play in church sometime, but I'm excited to play the tenor and maybe get the alto (pitches are transposed so it's harder) up to speed. Soprano and tenor are really similar fingerings to oboe, so I'm pretty good considering. Fun times.

Our next musical endeavor is playing for the LC Parade on the 4th - I will play euphonium and J plays cornet, the neighbors (Ks) are coming too and will play tpt and cowbell. Hehehe. H & L , the masterminds who actually have a cabin in LC (pop. 150), will play some sort of tuba thing (opheclide, serpent, something low and nasty!) and accordian. Our baby will throw candy and possibly some percussiony thing, we'll see. We all sit in back of a pickup and go about 4 blocks (the whole town) and then we go back since the parade is so short. It is super fun, and pretty much everyone in town is on a "float" or horse or something.