Thursday, October 25, 2012

So my browser is not supported by Blogger - but the computer I'm using won't support the newer browsers! Jim would say this is the conspiracy to force us to buy new equipment, and I suppose that is true, but I just want things to work! Just finished playing the Producers - what a fun show. I played books 4 & 5, mostly bari sax. Honk honk honk, what a fun change from the oboe! Not that the oboe isn't fun too... I played for Carmen in September this year, the orchestra wasn't as strong as it has been in years past and we lost 2 rehearsals (budget cuts), but it was still great to play. So intense to play an opera - different from anything else. I love the chance to play this fabulous music, even though Carmen isn't the biggest oboe book. The Little Orchestra moved to new digs this year - we are in a smaller venue (400 seats) so we will have two performances instead of one. Everyone seems to like the idea, and we have a matinee now which I think is a nice option for some, especially in the winter months. Our first concert was a "Scottish" theme, although no scots were represented! Mend Scottish Symphony and Hebrides, then the Bruch Scottish Fantasy. I biffed the solo but only after the other winds came in, you can't hear it on the cd. So frustrating to finally get the chance to play that piece after millions of auditions playing the excerpt. But it's hard! Oh well, overall the concert was great, we sounded the best we ever had. The hall is terrific and the people seem extremely accomodating - sort of the opposite of the treatment we've been getting at the larger hall. Can't wait to play there more! Right now we are on a little break, but will be starting up White Christmas (my third production) in a week. LOTS of services, not a difficult book. I'm really looking forward to playing Amahl again, this time with my little orchestra in the cool new venue. Kind of worrisome to have all the singing/dancing but I think audiences will like it. It is too bad that most of the orchestra has time off until March though... Hoping to start a saxophone quartet - seems like there is more interest in that direction than woodwind groups (yeah, I know saxophones are wws). Would really like to find other people who can rehearse in the day, since my nights are completely booked. May even update my blog if I get something going!