Thursday, March 18, 2010


Things are picking up again (sooo glad!) After a mostly dead month or two, we had an orchestra concert last weekend, which was great. I am really excited that even though we are being financially squeezed off of the college stage, the local church has been really open about working with us to make their venue more appropriate. The biggest things were the carpeted floor, and no shell. Our conductor has a portable shell (HUGE pain to move) at his HS, and he brought that over. It takes hours to tear down and put up even with help, but it was a big improvement. He also bought 12 sheets of plywood which I (me myself!) painted black. Those were put under the strings to see if it helped bounce the sound - which it did! We may get enough for the whole stage, and we'll buy our own shell to be stored at the church. Very exciting.

The concert itself went very well, 6 concerto winners. We did Rach Pno I (1st mvt), Dvorak Cello (1st mvt - nice oboe parts), Beethoven Vln (1st mvt - more good oboe stuff), Ibert Flute (yes! more oboe!) and 2 singers did Puccini, Mozart, and Massenet selections. Fun.

Two of my students participated in solo contest that morning, they both did very well. Probably playing at the edge of their ability, I was really proud of them. I try to have them do state repertoire, they don't have to unless they are trying to go on to state contest, but I think it is good for them. They are both freshmen, so off to a good start!

Then I got 2 gigs! One is just a HS choir concert, but I get union scale and it is a show up and play thing. Nice. I know a lot of the people playing so it should be fun. The other is a musical but it is only 4 shows (not weeks and weeks) - Once Upon a Mattress. Also good pay. I was starting to feel like I'd never get another call, so depressing. But I think the economy is really hurting the music industry.

I have been playing the clarinet and tenor for community band and my friend's stage band. Just trying to get my "doubling chops" up for future gigs (hopefully). It is pretty fun, although kind of enlightening! My first band concert is Monday, and I'm pretty excited even though I've played oboe with this group many times.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Finally I have some things to play in! And I'm sick!

Wouldn't you know. I just felt that tickle in my throat yesterday - and it was so sore by night I couldn't sleep. Hopefully it will stay in my throat until Monday, when I can cancel things until Thursday (or Friday if I have to). But tomorrow I am playing in church, and I really don't want to cancel because it has been over a year since they asked me (with changing music directors and so on). Hopefully it will be ok.

I am playing the slow mvt of Marcello for communion (nice for Lent I think) and an obbigato with the choir - then I'll play on various hymns/praise tunes.

This week is our competition concert - and we are doing some lovely concertos. Unfortunately we are in the carpeted church again, lovely they let us have the space for a reasonable price, but it isn't as nice as the college hall we used to play at. We'll be back at the college for our May concert, but next year is still up in the air. I'm betting we're at the church the whole season. Money is just too tight. *sigh*

My baby reeds are gearing up for solo contest - which is next Saturday! So exciting to see them madly practicing, I love it. Sadly, one of my BRs is grounded - isn't it weird to be grounded from lessons? And she's not allowed to play for contest either - seems odd to me. But supposedly she'll be back for lessons in a couple weeks, wouldn't surprise me if she just dropped out. That would be really sad as this particular student was really working hard lately.