Friday, March 30, 2007

wild reeds

Today has got to be the weirdest day for a long time - we had rehearsal at 2 for Carousel then opening at 7:30. You will recall (if you tuned in yesterday) that I planned to go over and stay since we only had about a two hour turn-around and it takes me about an hour and 15 to get home and back. So, what actually happened was...

I was getting all ready - dress out, hose, shoes, toothbrush etc - so good of me. And I got both cases of reeds wet (eh and oboe) since I figured we would be getting there shortly before two (I was carpooling with M who had to work). We got there just fine - I sit down and banter with the others a bit while I'm setting up, and I realize, there are no oboe reeds. NO OBOE REEDS!!!!! Had I forgotten eh reeds, I *could* use and oboe reed, but you can't do the reverse. And I am 40 minutes each way from home (where I realize I left the case after conscientiously wetting them). Rehearsal starts in 5 minutes, they had very adamently said we MUST be there for the downbeat. I had that very bad feeling. And I didn't even have a car - since M drove. She very nicely offered her vehicle (since no one in the city plays oboe but me - I am the teacher at that college, so no help there!)

So I decide to take my chances at the tiny little music store in town, I knew they had Jones reeds (which I have made many a disparaging comment about in the past). I get there in about 5 minutes, they actually are open and have some reeds (honestly about 10 - I have more in my case!) The man was very nice - he pointed out the fibercane reeds which were "his best ones". I declined those and went for a Jones med hard - I had no idea but I was afraid to get a hard one in case it wouldn't play at all...anyway it didn't seal and it made this raucous crow, but at least it did play! I got back to the theater and a miracle - they were having mic problems so they hadn't even started yet (2:15). So I rammed all the horns together and the reed sort of played! It was kinda nasty on sustained notes, but I must say it responded very well.

So I went home after rehearsal w/M and got my reed case - then we carpooled back together, it worked out fine. Was VERY glad to have my reeds again, but the eh is fortunately the big solo feature in this show. After I was kind of shocked but about 7 of my collegues said I sounded great on the eh. And these are people I really respect and admire - and play in the "big" symphony! So I was feeling really great - not often I bask in my glory, but I am so worked up about the Mozart (too bad I can't play it on eh!) it was a nice pat on the back.

Hope tomorrow is much less eventful - just my mother coming for a visit (eek!) and the final show. Weird to have it be all over so soon, but I'm glad!

another openin'

Tonight's the night - seems so far away. Last nights rehearsal went pretty well, better than Wednesday. The chorus was much better, maybe more people there. The conductor is pretty difficult to follow, typical choral kind of conducting where there are no downbeats and every meter looks the same! Fortunately it is an easy score to follow - just a couple of places that have to be timed and the concertmaster has that squared away now.

It is a LOT different to be on stage, feel much more exposed. And we can't have all our stuff with us (cases and reed stuff and water) I think I will bring my things anyway, I have a lot of changes and I just don't have time to mess with dry reeds.

Couldn't sleep last night so I got up and finished the wine tasting flyers. NEVER doing this again - ungrateful wretches. Actually they probably are grateful, just not grateful enough to pay me anything. Fine.

Did at least get through the Mozart yesterday - today is questionable. Really want to go to the gym and then must get D to the sitters by 1, meet M to carpool over to the rehearsal and then I will just stay for the show. M is coming back to get her kids, but I would waste another hour (plus) getting home and back, when I could just stay and practice. But that means taking all my lovely attire (tuxs and black). I told the flutes they didn't say whether the tuxes had to be black, so they should wear powder blue...

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I forgot how tired I get doing shows - thank God this one is only one weekend! I was happy I got in about two hours on the Mozart, went to the gym and had 2 hours of quintet yesterday before the show rehearsal - we are onstage and it is the biggest pit I've played in. The chorus is on risers behind us and the principals are in front although last night they were turned towards us. The principals are all great - but the chorus will hopefully get it together by tomorrow! Tonight we rehearse again, then Fri afternoon and Friday night is opening.

The first flute is a super player and I'm really glad he is there - so nice to have a pitch center to "lean" on! He is also really nice and not snobby at all. There are a lot of players from the "big" symphony, most are nice... I rode over with M last night, very fun to yak all the way; but tonight I have to teach early, and Friday she has to come back in between. So cool- the theater is catering dinner on Friday, AND they invited the band!

My reeds were not the worst but I need to get something better today. And mom and dad are coming and the house is still a mess - maybe the house fairies will come?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today we start rehearsing Carousel! I am kind of surprised, it snuck up on me because I am so focused on Mozart. But this should be very fun, with really good musicians.

I played for B last night, more nervous than I expected. But overall it went well, a few of the technical places I just played a bunch of notes, but I never stopped! And she had some great comments - real detail things that I could actually do. So I'm really glad I went. But when I got to the car it was 11:30! How did that happen? I hope she was able to get to school on time.

I am even up at a reasonable hour and hopefully I can practice an hour before rushing to the gym (with a fed and clothed child in tow) then off to Costco (the wonder store) for my contact fitting, home for more practice (again, hopefully); quintet - where hopefully E has remembered he is subbing for me in bells tonight; drop off D at J's work and off to Carousel!!! Nothing can go wrong or the day will collapse around me.

Must quit hoping and get practicing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Black is the color...

I have decided to have different colored reeds each session, which is kind of what I've always done but not with a purpose. So now I will keep track so I can tell how old my reeds are by the color. Thrilling eh? But this week is black. Formal. Hopefully delightful sounding, although right now they are "settling".

Went to the gym (yay) and was accosted by water aerobics instructor to "get my baseline stats". I'm sure they have to fill quotas, and she's just trying to get bodies, but kind of annoying. Although since it is free I said I would come next week. I just don't want to start some big program right before Mozart day (april 14). At least I did work out.

This weekend is Carousel, rehearsals start tomorrow night. Fun - and my parents are coming this weekend, and I've gotten 3 extra sitters this week to cover rehearsal/show times. The house is a mess, but I should practice instead of clean, right? *sigh* Happily though, my mom will bring her pair of navy shoes that will hopefully go with "the dress" (and fit) saving me from more shopping!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday monday

What a weekend. I am tired now although we got home by 8:30 last night. Today is not scheduled, but the rest of the week is nightmarish! So I'm trying to get up the gumption to practice, but so far it is much more fun to play with my digital camera. Finally figured out how to get the pics off. Yay.

I did manage to practice both days I was gone, although I didn't do the long tone thing. Funny, I thought that would be the easy thing to do. I did find a dress! Wasn't even really looking but there it was, the only one in that style and it was my (unfortunate) size! So I just bought it. I think I could also wear it to J's Christmas party, it was really fancy last year. But we'll see.

Off to make reeds, tomorrow I'm playing the Mozart for B.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Palm Springs!

Ok, we're not really going to Palm Springs, we're going to see my brothers and all 6 of their kids, along with grama and grampa! So fun, three birthdays this month. Only a 4 hour drive, fortunately D is a great traveler. I actually got SOMETHING for the birthday boys, not wrapped yet of course.

Tried the nasty long tones with easier reed last night - wow! I can totally do it for a minute at a time. MUCH better, although I suppose using the stiff reed is like adding little lip weights. Must bring oboe to practice. *sigh*

I actually practiced Carousel last night, there are a few scary bits. It goes so fast, but it will be really fun to play I think. Did not do a lot on the Mozart, guilt guilt guilt. But I have a life here (at least sort of!)

Friday, March 23, 2007

the end is near...

The end of the week anyway. So many things going on - G has reeds ready for me and he's leaving tomorrow so I must get them; great they are done in time for Carousel. Must get sitter for next week when mom and dad go see Carousel; and also sitter for Friday afternoon (totally forgot) the dress rehearsal is during the day! Got presents for two five year old cousins party which is Saturday - nothing brilliant for mom who is turning 65 next week; and no great ideas for best friend who is turning 50! Argh. AND I still can't find a dress (or suitable clothing) for the concerto.

I did manage to work out today, and practice an hour; and do those nasty long tone reed things! And I taught three lessons and went to orchestra. And I got the stupid flyer done for the wine tasting - what a pain. Supposedly they liked it though. We'll see what they say about the corrections. I am tired of doing these for free and getting no appreciation from these people. So this is the last one. Really! Makes me sick that they PAY someone to hack out nasty posters with gross looking pasta on them - at least I didn't make them! Check it out at

I suppose there are worse things than having one's self rising out of leftover spaghetti on a poster! At least I'm on there now, the first version only had the violinist...don't really know why but they did eventually put all the soloists on. Gripe Gripe Gripe.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

long day

I practiced for 3 hours today! And even got through the whole Mozart three times, I've decided I really have to up the ante if I'm going to get through it in style next month. The sad thing is I realized several sections are longer than the "20 seconds" I can't even play on the reed. No wonder I can't get through without sneaking breaths. This seems very obvious, but for some reason I am amazed. I just thought I had good breath control.

So tonight after quintet and bells (I had *14* ringers!!! Easter song sounds great) I came home and did the nasty long tones again. Jim thinks it is hilarious - as long as I go in the other room. It is not something pleasant to listen to. And I thought I would work on the flyers I'm doing for the symphony, but I just can't concentrate while I'm blowing my brains out (up to 40 seconds now, with two breaths) so I read comics online and did the flyer after. I even sent off a proof - call me competent!

In light of the many bell ringers, I decided I had to take action and buy some more foam. You might think that is no big deal, unless you have priced 4" firm foam lately. I needed a piece that was 30" x 72", and it cost $185! Then I had to get some black corduroy (4.5 yds) so I spent lots of money on the bells today. Fortunately I will get reimbursed, but people keep asking why I don't just go buy the foam we need! To get enough for all the tables would be $800. I'm thinking we'll just double up the stuff we have and buy one more big chunk for $185. That will take care of the big problem.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

long tones

I found a great (?) new way to do those boring long tones...which I never do because they are so boring. So hopefully this way I will at least do them, more than I ever did before! G suggests just using the reed, and he plays it (making the pitch vary about every second, hi lo hi lo hi lo) for one minute, taking breaths about every 20 seconds. Then you get one minute to rest. He started with 10 "sets", and now does 20 "sets" every evening while watching the news or reading. Great idea!

SO I get home and think, I'll use a stiff reed so I get a good workout. I can NOT make it for even 10 seconds before I need a breath! Then I am practically dying by 30 seconds, so I decide I will do 20 sets of 30 seconds each, with 30 second breaks. This actually worked ok, although I may be dead tomorrow! But I only have quintet, nothing they are paying me for, so I guess that's ok. But I can see that if you do this every day, it would be GREAT for building up chops.

Trying to stretch out now, not really sure how to do that. Now I will truly veg in front of tv.


Today I have a coaching (lesson? someone told me I should call them coachings now because that is more dignified -hehehe) with G, I have two reeds which are pretty good so that is a happy thing. Im still getting some reeds from him before the Mozart - and since I'm doing a show next week I will probably play something out. AND I was able to schedule a time with B, who was my teacher in college. I'm excited to hear what she has to say about it, I think I did actually work on the Mozart with her 1000000 years ago.

Swam yesterday, plan to go to the "ab class" (read: torture session) today but I woke up with a nasty stiff neck. I hate when that happens, and why??? I am just suddenly in pain. So unfair. I am really looking forward to quintet being over, because then I can go to the gym before bells. Isn't that awful? I like doing it, but it is a pain! And I really don't want to be in charge, so unless someone steps up it will probably be the end of this group. Oh well.

Speaking of old groups - Darkwood got hold of me (remember I found their site on the web and it's a group I co-founded) and they want me to play on a concert next year! Getting there will be a pain but how cool is that?

Monday, March 19, 2007


We bit the bullet and D is enrolled at the private kindergarden for next year! I'm pretty excited, even though I never would have thought we would go private, but after my horrifying visit to the public school he would be going to (at least the kindergarden was terrible) I had to find something (REALLY would rather avoid homeschool at least now). It is a great school - I'd love to go every day! And it doesn't cost any more than a car payment (something we'll never have) each month.

Going to the gym, trying to be good. I notice when I'm playing I get so out of breath, I'm sure if I lost 30 lbs it would be much better. Probably won't happen before I have to play the Mozart, but I'm heading in the right direction!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Wow, the Wizard of Oz was really great, especially for a HS production. The scarecrow was really amazing, and the other two men were strong as well. The witch was a bit over the top, but if you can't be over the top when you are the wicked witch, when can you? She was a great crowd pleaser! They did Peter Pan last year, and my guess is they like the flying gear so much (brought in stuff by circ du solei in LV) they had to do it again this year - kind of schticky, but fun and D loved it. We had kind of terrible seats, but it was sold out, and they were only $6 so who can complain?!

The bells were great in church today! Everyone was actually on time and people had even set up before I got there!!! We did What Wondrous Love is This? which sounded great, and a praise tune I can't remember but the beginning is the exact quote from Phantom of the Opera. Cracks me up every time we get to that part. But it sounded great too. The big piece was Were You There? (actually written for bells) and we did pretty well, few scary spots - but the ending was very strong. The middle is very beautiful and contemplative, and they really pulled it off (after scaring me to death by not playing the first notes). A great success, so we went out for Mexican food after.

I practiced but now I am sort of stuck. Just want to take a nap (as J is doing) but guilt is making me not take the nap (however, I'm obviously not practicing either!) S had some good ideas on the dress; I'm thinking maybe a skirt and sparkly top (something with sleeves) would be ok. It's at the senior center after all...but this could be my only chance to play a concerto (they may never ask again!) Guys have it so easy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard

I forgot all day that it was St. Patrick's Day! Wow, I feel let down, usually I love to wear green and all that. But next year Dan will be in school so I'm sure it will be a big deal with him.

We are going to a HS production of the Wizard of Oz tonight - fun show, I guess they are "flying" the monkeys (at great expense but I'm sure the kids love it). I did a production about 10 years ago for 6 weeks - so I know the show pretty well. Should be fun, Dan has seen the movie and I think he'll like this. And since I practiced about 3 hours today and made a reed, I can go guilt free!

Sadly, I had no luck with the concerto dress.


Today is the first day in ages that I haven't had some sort of gig! What a relief - Dan has to go for his "kindergarden evaluation testing" today, seems like a crazy thing to have a test for kindergarden. I'm guessing it is something they use only for placement, I'm really excited about the school.

So while he does that I'm going shopping for my concerto dress! Argh, where do they have perfect, non fluffy prom, non mother-of-the-bride dresses for slightly larger than optimal former babe women? The other person playing a concerto (yes, they actually programmed TWO Mozart concertos on this concert!) is wearing a fancy dress too, but she is 26 and about 100 lbs. wringing wet. Really nice, too, but kinda depressing notheless!

Friday, March 16, 2007

the calm (clam?) after the storm...

Whenever I write the word "calm" I think of the ad "Keep Clam" the Ivar's Restaurants used to have (acres of clams). And I can't even eat shellfish.
Anyway, I am happy to report I am in a calmer state, focusing on the real issue at hand: I MUST practice at least a couple hours today and I've barely started, *sigh*. The Mozart awaits - now that we've actually had a rehearsal and I survived, I'm finding it hard to get motivated to practice.
Also, other life intrudes; made a trip across town (about an hour each way) to get the stupid G5 bell fixed before the weekend, and it is all good now too. Best of all, it wasn't all in my mind. There really was something wrong, and the Bell Buggy didn't charge for fixing it, even after an hour of tweaking it. Now I can focus on the performance Sunday (although she did say this could happen again at any time -- comforting thought!)

Fumin' mad

ok, to those who are not musicians (and maybe some who are) this is probably NOT a big deal, but it is to me. As I have mentioned, I am playing the Mozart in April. This is with a chamber orchestra, made up mostly of members of the big orchestra - but personnel changes (especially winds) each concert. I asked my buddy M to play first oboe on this concert (support oboe!) in December. I mentioned that I had asked her to the conductor and I thought the manager, although the manager MAY not have been present - this was informal after rehearsal talk.

Background info - I as principle oboe procurred 2nd oboe and EH for the past concerts, we don't have a regular person right now. I *assumed* that I would also get the people for the April concert, but when we had our first rehearsal, M was playing 2nd and A was playing first. This is a BIG DEAL to most wind players.

I emailed the director, conductor (usually concertmaster), and manager in a nice way asking if any of them knew why this would be the case, not to change it at this point, but to clarify. The manager just got back after a week on vacation and sent me a note saying she asked A to play first and that was her "executive decision". I wrote back saying I wished I had known that BEFORE I asked M to play first, but what's done was done and we'd do better the next time. I thought this was very tactful of me, since was getting pretty annoyed.

THEN, manager writes back in a snotty way (I think it's snotty) well, here it is:

I'm sorry that I didn't know you'd done that -- since I talked to M before you did, and I hadn't told her what part she was playing ... AND I was handling the whole set up in geeneral.... well.....

SO!!! Of course since I talked to M in December I don't think she talked to her first. AND as far as I knew *I* was setting up the oboes. I DO NOT like being talked down to about that, I am really upset that she feels this way. I feel like I'm trying to be forgiving and not rock the boat too much, but I want her to say she is sorry. M has been great about this (better than *I* would be!) and doesn't mind playing 2nd, thank goodness. So this is only about egos I guess. And I guess mine got stepped on.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


This morning I had a coaching session with G - he took the reed I made and now it is awesome!!! Yay. Everything is better with a good reed. Last night the bells did pretty good (we play in church sunday) but our G5 is having a problem I MUST deal with before Sunday. Argh. Of course it is a big pain! And this note starts both of the pieces we play, and is prominent throughout, so we cant go without it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

solo competition

Hooray! My student played well enough to progress to state!!! I am really excited, even though I have taught for a long time I have never had a student play for solo and ensemble, so of course this is my first student to go to state. I am really happy for her - she has worked really hard, only had lessons this school year. She started the oboe I think last winter. Yay.

In other news, my poor neighbor's insane mother is threatening to sue her. I guess the woman is delusional...something to do with signing over ownership of her house 18 years ago. My neighbor didn't even know this happened, but now mama wants her house back. And there would be BAD taxes. I told her to hire a lawyer and just let them handle it. I'm sure she is reluctant because SHE didn't do anything, just suddenly there is this nasty problem in her lap. But peace of mind is worth a lot! Hope she can find a good attorney.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yay, I got through the Mozart rehearsal without cracking up!!!! It was not perfect, but ok, and the only weird thing is the girl who was supposed to play first oboe was playing second...don't know how that happened. I will complain, but at this point I don't want to make a big scene or anything. But it kind of annoys me.

I meant to record the session but I totally forgot. Oh well, I guess I will remember well enough. K is not playing be memory either, which is good news to me! And although she sounds great, I don't think it will be the total overwhelming "violin is sooo much cooler than oboe" thing I was worried about (since by fate we are both playing Mozart concertos on the same concert).

Monday, March 12, 2007

Last concert

Finally we are done with this week of concerts! I am wiped out...although tonight was a short one - band, and we only played on half. Nothing wildly exciting, although a student wrote a nice piece with a good solo for EH. Now I can gear up for tomorrow night's rehearsal of the Mozart!!!! This is me, playing the concerto, terrified. Sometimes it actually goes really well, just depends on the reeds. And G can't see me until Thursday, but this IS just a rehearsal.

They called about a photo today, of course they wanted it RIGHT THEN. Don't know why they couldn't have told me they needed something earlier, but I was so lucky, I had totally forgotten that 10 years ago (or so) P and I had glamour shots of us with our instruments! And I actually had one scanned in, and I even look at least pretty similar - you can't see the grey hairs (not too many now) and of course I am fatter! But not like some promo shots that make you laugh when you see the person. Maybe I should put one up on my blog site. I'll consider it.

But because of this photo I am now really unhappy with the way I look now, frumpy and blah. So I got my ancient contacts out to test them at tonights concert (since I wasn't stressed about it) and they were a bit tiring but fine. I think I'll go to Costco and get the updated prescription - my goal is that when I lose 35 pounds I get to have the laser surgery. But we'll see when I get there (no imminent danger).

Darkwood Consort

Wow, just found some old friends on the web, the Darkwood Trio was the original group (of which I was one third); now they have I think 6 regular people (although 2 are the main group) and 2 of the original members still play! Too cool. Sounds like they have been very successful, B had even heard of them and was modeling our group after them. How wild is that????! I should play harp/flute duets with B, that would be a nice interlude.

Sounds like E is still having a horrible time at the school, he is persuing the lawsuit just so he can get the retirement money for his family, otherwise I'm sure he would just leave since the situation is so bad (not that he did ANYTHING wrong, stupid society)He did have a nibble on an instrument repair job - he would be great at that. I should get him to put levers on my harp, I've been meaning to do that for YEARS!

Trying to make some reeds, in BAD shape right now. Seeing G on Thursday for remedial help!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday afternoon (no park, no George)

This morning I was up bright and early (thank you Daylight Savings Time!) and actually got to church early for our rehearsal - service actually went very well (I thought) Quiet City was lovely (several people cried, they SAID because it was so beautiful) and no one could tell we got a little off in the canon part (organ is kinda mushy sounding - and with no conductor it is really HARD to keep your place!), but we faked that bit well. The klezmer-like piece was great - should have played longer! only 2 verses, but great fun, and H played the accordian with gusto!

Trying to get motivated to work on posters for the wine tasting, NOT inspired. Band rehearsal tonight, BS hates when I complain about band, but it is really a pain sometimes! We are doing two student pieces (one awful, one ok - mainly because he thoughtfully wrote a big old EH solo for me!) and Victory at Sea (blah). Hopefully next concert will be more inspired. Found a sitter for concert tomorrow (yay!!). Never realized how much I would miss having family around until we had D. But we do ok. Going to practice now (really?)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

church music

Since we recently did Copland's Quiet City, I asked the trumpet player to come play it in church (with organ and EH). Very cool piece, and we thought it would be cool for the Lenten season -- so that will be a neat thing. And of course we usually play along with some of the hymns, which will be nice - one kinda celtic sounding one on EH, a boring one, and then at the end something called the Green Trees which is klezmer music!!! so fun. The tpt will be melody and I think H will play the accordian, and L will play tuba (or something low) and we'll rope some poor person into playing the tambourine - whee! I think it's going to be really cool (I have a fun trilly violin part to play). Will report tomorrow.

Inspriational moment...

Ok, I was driving along today and I realized divine providence has been at work in my life! Thursday I decided I was going to wash the car (seem like this is a no-brainer, but my Beloved Spouse, hereafter referred to as "BS", insists that I NOT use the car wash as the trunk leaks. So I rigged up a tarp in the trunk and went through and he'll never know!) Anyway, the next day I got a call to go pick up one of the visiting musicians for our concert at the airport - and it just occured to me that it would have been terrible if I'd had to get her in my DISGUSTING dirty car, but it was shining and beautiful because I had just decided to wash it the day before! Yes, indeed there are miracles in the world today....

New Day

Ok, everything does get better after the performance! While it was not my best playing, it was ok...maybe the weather is affecting my reeds? Seems like even the really responsive ones are just not speaking in the lower range - especially when I have to sstart softly. This always USED to be a big problem for me, but I thought I had it licked. Guess not!

Now I'm off to Solo and Ensemble - my student is playing for the first time! I am nervous too, I guess I'll bring my oboe and tools just in case she needs something. And music with accompaniment...I'm such a nerd! At least I don't have to play.

I realized after playing last night that most of those kids are going on to professional careers as soloists, and I'm just not going to be in the same league with them (much as I wish I could be!) The 14-year-old who played the Tchaikowsky (memorized of course) was really amazing - they all were! So many notes. Ah well. Back to my little nasty Mozart *sigh*. I another month I will NEVER play classical period solos again!!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Agony - so much greater than yours...

Ok, last night was a total least for me personally! The orchestra sounded ok, hope things go better tonight (actual concert). I am making reeds (really desperate here!) and I went to work out early this am, so hopefully my body and soul are all in the right place!

So depressing to think how NOT GOOD I'm sounding on the Mozart compared to these whiz kids that are 14 and playing the Rachmaninoff piano concerto...I know I shouldn't go there (and thank GOD I am not playing on THIS concert!!!!). I am really annoyed that my concerto is going to be upstaged by the violin concerto - which was supposed to be on an earlier concert but it didn't work out. Then the professional singer winner of the Young Artists contest couldn't do tonight's concert, so she also is going to be on the April concert with me. AND they are all thin and cute (and young). I am in a bad place right now!!!!

Hope to post something really positive next time. Must practice now!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Got my book for Carousel last night! I am excited to do this show with really good people - but that means I have to be really good too...last time I played this was with a very small community theater with a budget of negative, well, some big negative number! The poor musical director had NEVER conducted before, the pianist had played MANY of the rhythms wrong so the cast didn't know how to sing them...the G bros were playing tpts though, and they were great. But this time it will be a FULL orchestra (40ish) with great singers. And the conductor will probably be a bit more experienced too. Can't wait.l

Hard to focus on the concert on Friday - just seems surreal. I have quintet today, and I decided to just bag going to the gym on Wednesdays. It is possible, but then I don't practice. So for now, I will be fat and well rehearsed! After our gig in April, the flute player is leaving for Alaska so we won't have quintet for a long time (he may not be back, but that could be melodramatic gay guy stuff, we'll see!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday in the park...

Met M for lunch, we solved all the symphony's problems in an hour! Well, we talked a lot anyway. I am trying to find the perfect 50th birthday gift for my best friend (whol lives far away, so I won't even see her on this momentous occasion) and I am just awful at picking gifts. But I have some "stuff" so I will send it anyway. With chocolate, which always makes any gift better.

After that we went to the park for D, it was a beautiful blue sky kinda day! My reeds are even happy and I have a concert Friday. Gotta love that. Just trying to stay focused on the Mozart, spent about 1 hour this morning, played through the Paladilhe and realized I thought it was the Pascuille, oh well! It is a nice little piece that maybe we can do with the orchestra sometime. MUCH easier than the Mozart, and probalby a bigger crowd pleaser as well. But the Mozart is good for me (I'll just keep saying that)...


Today should be fun, I just got the Paladilhe in the mail, so I will play something (at least briefly!) besides the Mozart! I am getting the first mvt memorized though, and as I get it really under my fingers I like it better. I can't believe people in college spent this much effort - or rather, gee, I wish *I* had put in more effort in my college years! Ah well, now I get a chance to do some of those things I couldn't do then. I am soooo grateful to have the CSO to play in, it is a perfect level of group for me right now. SS would be so much more stressful, were I playing principal (HAHAHA) and if I only got to play 4th/utility that would be not enough! It would be great to play 4/utility AND play in CSO as principal, but so far it looks like they are hiring people from 300+ miles away for that position. Seems insane to me, cuz they have to pay for hotel and airfare for these better players, but honestly, 4th oboe isn't exactly "featured" parts (usually). I think there are at least 4 people in town (including yours truly) who could play the part and they would never know the difference. *sigh*

Meeting M for lunch! Fun fun fun, and our parts for Carousel came. Sadly looks like nothing for me this at the summer theater, but maybe M will get to show off her doubling chops (they've been dissing her)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Good day

Yay! Today I actually completed all my goals. Of course, then I think, but I should have done this, and that, and I haven't even started this other thing...BUT NO! I will be happy I actually practiced a good amount of time, went to the gym, got all ready for bell choir and got to the concert without anyone realizing I was late (they didn't rehearse my piece until 15 minutes later than the schedule). This particular orchestra only get in the hall on the day of performance, so they spend about an hour before the concert "feeling" the hall. I was so happy, my eh solos sounded great (at least I thought they did!) and the reed was pretty good; the first oboe was fabulous! Fun to play with her. This is my last concert with them this year, but I will play eh a TON this month - doing Quiet City in church Sunday, solo in the band concert Monday, then playing Carousel at the end of the month. Actually get union scale for that. Well, hopefully tomorrow I will practice, finish the laundry, and get started on the posters for the symphony wine tasting.


I failed to practice yesterday...I really didn't feel well. Spent the day in bed. So nice to have that luxury, although today I'm back at it! My goals are to practice about 3 hours and go to the gym, get the bell music enlarged and copied for Easter, all before I drop off D at Jims work (6ish) so I can get to the concert tonight. Good luck to me!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Relaxing weekend, NOT

Wow, yesterday was insane! 10:00 rehearsal (so I have to leave at 9) for La Mer. More people were there (harp, tbones from the BIG ssymphony) so that was nice; I felt really good about my playing. Then J and D were meeting me downtown for a kid's concert (the Celtic Nots, too fun) so I had about 45 minutes to kill, and there I was in the music bldg, so I actually practiced! Yay! Sadly, this was all I got in yesterday.

Tomorrow is LaMer concert - should go ok for me (rest of orchestra, not so good I think, but at least we are playing great music!) MUST practice today, Mozart is coming...

Friday, March 2, 2007

ice cream

So much for the diet! (sort of half-hearted South Beach) I just ate a big old bowl of Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip and it was GREAT!!!! Ok, now I'll go to the gym for sure this afternoon. I just NEEDED it.


Yesterday was quite a day - Dan LOVED kindergarden (now how will we wait til fall???!) and they did all kinds of things in the morning. I think we will probably go with this private school; the public school kindergarden was a horror when I went there to check it out "We don't talk to the parents" and "If you want to see the school come to the open house in OCTOBER". Not to mention way over crowded classrooms and a nasty old building. We are so lucky to have the money to send him to private school if we want - it isn't any more than most people pay for a car payment!

Last night I taught 3 students, fun but exhausting! My first and most talented excuse maker came in and said he had just had a CAT scan!!! Of course not funny, but after the string of excuses it kinda is amazing. But we made some progress. I have one who just never practices and I don't think she'll be back next year; but one is doing great right now, all fired up to go to university next year! Makes me all happy to hear how far she's come.

Then we had orchestra. Frustrating - seems like we're not doing anything much for this concert and no one is practicing! Tuning wasn't great either. I always feel like it is my fault, could I have played a more steady pitch, or didn't I play long enough, or did I start "right on"...Next week there will finally be a second oboe for the dress rehearsal; we really need to get someone local and regular (although I really LOVE playing with C) Also all the soloists will be there, as it is dress. This is a Young Artist winners concert, so we're doing 1 mvt from 5 concertos! At least some are really great tunes, Rach 2 pno and Tchaik vln...and some funny G&S vocal stuff. There is this one Bizet vocal that has the oboes and bassoons doing the bagpipe drone thing - fun fun fun.

Today I MUST practice and get my **** to the gym! I was really tired yesterday, hope to rest up today before the insanity of Saturday is upon us!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

School days begin!

This morning I took my baby to school for his "pre-kindergarden intro" - he spends the morning with them doing all the school things. He won't actually start until fall, but I was so sad when I left the parking lot! I couldn't believe it - but I haven't ever been without him and nothing "real" to do since he was born! I could get used to this, but it was a "moment".
Things are very bad for my friend E; it doesn't look like he'll ever teach school again! This is a total tragedy - even if nothing is ever proved he will loose his certification. And none of the accusations are even what I would consider worrisome, nothing about him alone with a kid, just brushing someone in a crowded room, or his hand on their arm or shoulder showing them the dances (which is part of the classroom activity) Insane. I would be the first to lock him up (or blow him away) if he was a molester, but this is just stupid.
Guess I should really get to practicing, I have pretty much wasted my free morning yakking on the phone (but it was fun!)