Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Black is the color...

I have decided to have different colored reeds each session, which is kind of what I've always done but not with a purpose. So now I will keep track so I can tell how old my reeds are by the color. Thrilling eh? But this week is black. Formal. Hopefully delightful sounding, although right now they are "settling".

Went to the gym (yay) and was accosted by water aerobics instructor to "get my baseline stats". I'm sure they have to fill quotas, and she's just trying to get bodies, but kind of annoying. Although since it is free I said I would come next week. I just don't want to start some big program right before Mozart day (april 14). At least I did work out.

This weekend is Carousel, rehearsals start tomorrow night. Fun - and my parents are coming this weekend, and I've gotten 3 extra sitters this week to cover rehearsal/show times. The house is a mess, but I should practice instead of clean, right? *sigh* Happily though, my mom will bring her pair of navy shoes that will hopefully go with "the dress" (and fit) saving me from more shopping!

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