Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Got my book for Carousel last night! I am excited to do this show with really good people - but that means I have to be really good too...last time I played this was with a very small community theater with a budget of negative, well, some big negative number! The poor musical director had NEVER conducted before, the pianist had played MANY of the rhythms wrong so the cast didn't know how to sing them...the G bros were playing tpts though, and they were great. But this time it will be a FULL orchestra (40ish) with great singers. And the conductor will probably be a bit more experienced too. Can't wait.l

Hard to focus on the concert on Friday - just seems surreal. I have quintet today, and I decided to just bag going to the gym on Wednesdays. It is possible, but then I don't practice. So for now, I will be fat and well rehearsed! After our gig in April, the flute player is leaving for Alaska so we won't have quintet for a long time (he may not be back, but that could be melodramatic gay guy stuff, we'll see!)

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