Thursday, March 1, 2007

School days begin!

This morning I took my baby to school for his "pre-kindergarden intro" - he spends the morning with them doing all the school things. He won't actually start until fall, but I was so sad when I left the parking lot! I couldn't believe it - but I haven't ever been without him and nothing "real" to do since he was born! I could get used to this, but it was a "moment".
Things are very bad for my friend E; it doesn't look like he'll ever teach school again! This is a total tragedy - even if nothing is ever proved he will loose his certification. And none of the accusations are even what I would consider worrisome, nothing about him alone with a kid, just brushing someone in a crowded room, or his hand on their arm or shoulder showing them the dances (which is part of the classroom activity) Insane. I would be the first to lock him up (or blow him away) if he was a molester, but this is just stupid.
Guess I should really get to practicing, I have pretty much wasted my free morning yakking on the phone (but it was fun!)

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