Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday monday

What a weekend. I am tired now although we got home by 8:30 last night. Today is not scheduled, but the rest of the week is nightmarish! So I'm trying to get up the gumption to practice, but so far it is much more fun to play with my digital camera. Finally figured out how to get the pics off. Yay.

I did manage to practice both days I was gone, although I didn't do the long tone thing. Funny, I thought that would be the easy thing to do. I did find a dress! Wasn't even really looking but there it was, the only one in that style and it was my (unfortunate) size! So I just bought it. I think I could also wear it to J's Christmas party, it was really fancy last year. But we'll see.

Off to make reeds, tomorrow I'm playing the Mozart for B.

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Palm said...

She found a dress!!! Yea! You need to use that fancy digital camera and take a picture of the dress. Enquiring minds want to know.