Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Today I have a coaching (lesson? someone told me I should call them coachings now because that is more dignified -hehehe) with G, I have two reeds which are pretty good so that is a happy thing. Im still getting some reeds from him before the Mozart - and since I'm doing a show next week I will probably play something out. AND I was able to schedule a time with B, who was my teacher in college. I'm excited to hear what she has to say about it, I think I did actually work on the Mozart with her 1000000 years ago.

Swam yesterday, plan to go to the "ab class" (read: torture session) today but I woke up with a nasty stiff neck. I hate when that happens, and why??? I am just suddenly in pain. So unfair. I am really looking forward to quintet being over, because then I can go to the gym before bells. Isn't that awful? I like doing it, but it is a pain! And I really don't want to be in charge, so unless someone steps up it will probably be the end of this group. Oh well.

Speaking of old groups - Darkwood got hold of me (remember I found their site on the web and it's a group I co-founded) and they want me to play on a concert next year! Getting there will be a pain but how cool is that?

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