Friday, March 30, 2007

wild reeds

Today has got to be the weirdest day for a long time - we had rehearsal at 2 for Carousel then opening at 7:30. You will recall (if you tuned in yesterday) that I planned to go over and stay since we only had about a two hour turn-around and it takes me about an hour and 15 to get home and back. So, what actually happened was...

I was getting all ready - dress out, hose, shoes, toothbrush etc - so good of me. And I got both cases of reeds wet (eh and oboe) since I figured we would be getting there shortly before two (I was carpooling with M who had to work). We got there just fine - I sit down and banter with the others a bit while I'm setting up, and I realize, there are no oboe reeds. NO OBOE REEDS!!!!! Had I forgotten eh reeds, I *could* use and oboe reed, but you can't do the reverse. And I am 40 minutes each way from home (where I realize I left the case after conscientiously wetting them). Rehearsal starts in 5 minutes, they had very adamently said we MUST be there for the downbeat. I had that very bad feeling. And I didn't even have a car - since M drove. She very nicely offered her vehicle (since no one in the city plays oboe but me - I am the teacher at that college, so no help there!)

So I decide to take my chances at the tiny little music store in town, I knew they had Jones reeds (which I have made many a disparaging comment about in the past). I get there in about 5 minutes, they actually are open and have some reeds (honestly about 10 - I have more in my case!) The man was very nice - he pointed out the fibercane reeds which were "his best ones". I declined those and went for a Jones med hard - I had no idea but I was afraid to get a hard one in case it wouldn't play at all...anyway it didn't seal and it made this raucous crow, but at least it did play! I got back to the theater and a miracle - they were having mic problems so they hadn't even started yet (2:15). So I rammed all the horns together and the reed sort of played! It was kinda nasty on sustained notes, but I must say it responded very well.

So I went home after rehearsal w/M and got my reed case - then we carpooled back together, it worked out fine. Was VERY glad to have my reeds again, but the eh is fortunately the big solo feature in this show. After I was kind of shocked but about 7 of my collegues said I sounded great on the eh. And these are people I really respect and admire - and play in the "big" symphony! So I was feeling really great - not often I bask in my glory, but I am so worked up about the Mozart (too bad I can't play it on eh!) it was a nice pat on the back.

Hope tomorrow is much less eventful - just my mother coming for a visit (eek!) and the final show. Weird to have it be all over so soon, but I'm glad!

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Palm said...

He suggested fibercane reeds!!! Eeek! Sounds like you managed to pull it off though. I wish I could come hear you play, it has been too long. Keep up the reed fight!!