Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day of Fools

Didn't do any pranks today - first day in ages I haven't had to play the oboe for something! I did manage to practice about 1.5 hours, meant to do the long tone thing with the reed, but too tired. I get to coast today because parents are here (and I've been playing 8 hours/day for the last week). But tomorrow I'll do better.

J played in church today - they always want trumpets. He plays next week too, piccolo tpt for Easter. Of course the bells will play then too, so it should be nerve wracking. But it will be ok, just want it to be over.

Friday is our last quintet gig- flutist is leaving and I think it will die an natural death then (he was the instigator).The bassoon is jobless and I think he'd really like us to continue, I just don't want to get together for "social" playing, which is what he likes to do. Clarinet is having baby #2 so she is questioning whether to keep playing too. I guess I'll just see what happens, I don't want to end up being in charge!

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