Monday, April 9, 2007

new cds

I am having a guilty pleasures morning - along with my cool new recording of the Mozart I also got the new Josh Groben cd. I just love to listen to men singing, especially in Italian. Although he sounds good in english too! This is my kind of embarrassing admission - I love that over the top kinda music (like in Titanic when they are in the front of the ship) Also have several Andrea Bochelli cds. Who knew opera was all hot men singing to me in Italian! Wish we had more going on in the boondocks, but there are 2 staged operas per year in a 300 mile radius around here (Aida did come through on the Broadway circuit this year, the Elton John version - I had Carousel through the whole run).

We did a concert last year that was all "new age" stuff with composer Brian Crain - there was smoke and lights and lots of miking - the music was mostly very simple but I totally LOVED the part where I got to be the "lead singer" (on oboe, of course - don't be ridiculous!) I think I would hate to do the string parts as they mostly just played whole notes. But the experience was fun anyway. Of course, I love almost any piece where I get to be the star (at least for a bit - the Mozart oboe concerto is a little too much stardom for me!)

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