Sunday, April 29, 2007

end of the season rush

I thought after the Mozart was over I would have time on my hands! Not so. I am playing a lot, got a call last night to play in church today - all EH so that was fun. All sightreading too, went fine. I am somewhat frantically searching for an extra ringer (someone bailed on me) for Mother's Day - only two weeks away and most of my possibles need at least that much time! So far no luck.

Then this afternoon G called and asked me to sub for the big city opera! So exciting to play with the big guns, they are doing Hansel and Gretel (which I don't know at all) but the only rehearsal I could really go to was tonight. So I went mere hours after I heard and sightread next to G all night - kind of intimidating although I think I did pretty well - he gave me the shuffle a couple of times. Anyway I am playing excerpts for him tomorrow and I'm sure I'll hear all about it then.

And tomorrow night I have College orchestra where I play EH (Polivetsian Dances and Procession of Nobles). Dress went well, should be fine, but of course one never knows with reeds involved!

And this is our final concert in my orchestra - we're doing Spring Symphony Schumann, and Beethoven Triple Concerto. We all think there should be some sort of overture or something - this concert is too short. No one asks me though.

Then I'm playing with Other College Wind Symphony (and getting big bucks to do so) - they are playing some really hard stuff - Dahl Symphonetta and Short Ride on a Fast Machine, which is so fast it is ridiculous, I'm not even going to worry about pitches just trying to come in at the right times.

But THEN I think I'll have a night off. I guess that will be when I have the audition for big symphony's sub list!

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