Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Ok. I have to play tonight with the chamber orchestra - WISH I had known more than 3 hours ago; but oh well. J should be home by then to take care of D.

I LOVE my new cd with Randall Wolfgang - can't believe I didn't have the Deutche Grammaphone version of Mozart. Usually I get that first. But it is so cool that he is on it - I tried to find contact info for him, just so I could tell him I was playing but couldn't find anything. It has been over 10 years now, though and I only studied with him for a couple months (Aspen).

One of the bass players is trying to drum up musicians to play for a Bachfest near here (about 200 miles away). I guess they put you up and give a SMALL honorarium, but it is like a vacation with playing Bach! I'd love to do that if J could get time off. I sent an email, but it looked like they already have oboe players that have been there forever (although the bass player said they needed oboes).

Summer plans are WAY in the air, I suppose I should start organizing things, but with Easter (bells!!!) and the Mozart coming up fast; I can only hope to get my taxes done! Argh.

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