Monday, April 23, 2007

Wild weekend

I was really excited to practice yesterday - thinking I would really hit it hard for the auditions; when I got a phone call from my friend K; she was in the hospital and had had a mini-stroke!!!! So I left and went down to see her (2 hour drive); seems she is doing very well, but scary stuff.

J bought a trailer (extremely used) this weekend - and managed to slide it into a ditch on the way home. It was full of junk concrete (as is) and he had forgotten on the old truck you have to lock the hubs to go into 4wd. Fortunatley they were fine, and the trailer was fine and they were able to get the truck out (this ditch was actually the side of a mountain) with the Unimog (see J's site if interested)

So today I have a lesson with G (hopefully to focus me a bit) and I'd like to go to the gym and give blood (kind of a hobby of mine O-) and we have band tonight. How did all that happen? Guess I should go mess with my reeds. Kind of depressing to read some of the blogs of more worthy musicians - makes me realize I am a real hack! But mostly I'm pretty happy in hackdom; however I'd still like to get on the sub list for big symphony. That would open a whole different can of worms though, as I think I mentioned every one of our symphony concerts (little symphony) conflicts with a big symphony concert. Oh well! Maybe if I also had conflicts the powers that be would get serious about scheduling. Seems like this must come up a lot in more metropolitan areas - like the Cleveland Orchestra doesn't go around worrying about Akron Symphony's schedule...but I bet Akron at least trys to work around Cleveland. Or am I completely wrong?

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