Thursday, April 26, 2007

baby oboes

I really didn't practice at all today, which is too bad; but maybe I just needed a break. I did teach two lessons (supposed to be three, but my flaky guy canceled again!) They are preparing for their recital on May 6, I'm sharing time with a piano teacher. One is playing Schumann's Lonely Flowers, but she has braces that are really bothering her so I just added a bar for her to rest at the end of each phrase. It works great - the pianist just "fills" for an extra measure, and as any oboist knows a tiny break makes a huge difference. Purists won't like this approach, but this will be her first recital and now she is much more confident she will get through the piece. And isn't it all about making the best music you can?

My other student is playing Handel's Sonata No 2 (mvts 1 and 2); she is doing a great job. She is actually playing for state competition the day before, I am really excited for her. Since she has played this piece for regional competition last month, she is very prepared and hopefully will have no problems for the recital.

I think I will get them both oboe cds for a end of the year gift. I have not done this with students before; but now that I have more money and less students, I really want to give them something that may inspire them to greatness!

We had orchestra tonight also, I am kind of depressed about our final program: Schumann Symphony #1 and Beethoven Triple Concerto. After the fabulous oboe solos of this year it's a letdown. But it will be nice, and after playing the Mozart I need a break anyway! I almost forgot I am playing EH for the college this weekend - they are doing Procession of the Nobles and Polyvetsian Dances.

Bell choir went ok yesterday, but I was missing three people and none of them called me! That is really a pain in bell music, because each person plays certain notes, and if people are missing you can't really cover parts very well. So I have to call and make sure they are planning to come - of course they SAID they would play the service in May, but there are only two more rehearsals. Is this job worth the pain and suffering? I am considering quitting next year, since D will be in school and it would be nice to have more nights free, but we'll see. If I don't have quintet right before it is much more manageable.

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