Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bocal miracle

Yay! B found the missing bocal in her plastic oboe case (which she hasn't used since the Fireworks). So relief is all around.

We just had our last rehearsal before Labor Day - there are a few hard things! And sadly the 2nd oboe lady has stomach flu, she is planning to play the concert but she only had the one rehearsal; and we didn't play all the stuff. AND I imagine if she is sick she won't be making reeds or practicing, but she did ok. And she is very nice, I hope she will consider playing with us more.


Here are the new additions to our family - they are relegated to the downstairs bathroom until tomorrow, when they get snipped! We are still debating names, but we have a big boy and smaller girl. D took this picture himself!


There is nothing like being woken up by your gasping child to make you really aware of what's important in life. Just had a lovely couple of hours with D - apparently he has an allergic reaction, then panics and starts wheezing - I just think, what if all I had was a cold washcloth and prayers??? Makes me so grateful to whoever invented Albuterol, truly a miracle drug. It is weird because neither Jim nor I has these kind of problems.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Into the Woods

Now I am sad because I just found out there is no oboe part for Into the Woods! What kind of stupid orchestrator did that???? And the contractor must not have even checked her instrumentation, because she asked me (kind of begged even) several weeks ago. She still hasn't gotten back to me (which I think is rude, but hey, she's a contractor in town so I have to be nice right?!) but my friend M, who is playing in the show, told me the contractor had told HER there were no oboe parts and she was all sad about it. So I wonder how long she is going to keep me dangling here - I mean, there are only 4 services (it's a benefit show, so one night only) but still, those are 4 nights I am holding for her.

Maybe I should be nice and drop her an email. I'll think about it, but it annoys me when people drop the ball like that, especially people in charge of things like jobs. I will wait a bit and then email - maybe tomorrow.

And last night while putting the EH together, I noticed one of the bocals (little top piece) was gone! It was a Lickman bocal too (gold -probably around $200). Of course this EH is not MINE, it belongs to my old teacher B (plays in the big symphony). So I feel terrible, but it could be that B used it during the Fireworks concert and never put it back in my case - she was using
"my" horn as we were playing outside. So I have to ask her, but first I will tear up the house. I can't imagine it is here though, since I don't think I have played at all since the Fireworks concert (guilty admission!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Fun fun fun, we played until I just couldn't keep my lips on the reed tonight! I don't know if that is because I was switching from EH? Of course I just did a show with 28 changes and that didn't kill me like this...probably it was 1812 overblowing more than anything else.

The new second oboe was there, she did a credible job, but I hope she gets a better reed and actually plays a bit more for the concert. She may have been really tired (although she left when David dismissed most of the orchestra so we could go through some of the opera at 9pm) It is really beautiful music, I really should practice! Speaking of which, I MUST go through the solo in William Tell and put in some breaths. I sound great (more or less) at the beginning, and then there is the endless passage-- I was DYING by the end. Unfortunately that was not the end of rehearsal. But it was really fun to play tonight, and I think I will get to play the Bach Double with P on the April concert - yay!

work work work

How can I get so tired "not working"???? I felt really good about getting three more widths of flooring in yesterday, but Jim was all grumpy that it wasn't close enough to the wall, blah blah blah. I'm sure it WAS close enough but he just needed to complain. It annoys me because I am doing this stupid floor because HE wanted it in there, but now he won't help. (except on my birthday he put in one width, which was a hard one I admit!) Oh well, I think I fixed it all up to his liking now.

Tomorrow we get our new kitties! We are driving 3 hours (what am I nuts???) to pick up the cats from my sister-in-law, but at least now they will be eternally in our debt for getting these felines off their hands! And they are exactly what we wanted, short-haired littermates, a bit older (5 months) but not too old to bond with dog (hopefully!!!). That should be interesting.

Went school shoe shopping today, D has promised to learn to tie his shoes now (we got the tie-ing kind); of course they were camo and he HAD to have them. They were also inexpensive (CHEAP!) so I thought we'd give it a try. I think he is really nervous about the whole school thing.

Tonight we actually have a second oboist! I am so excited to play with this lady, she is local and may be interested in playing all the time (we've been getting ringers to come in right before the concert for almost a year now). I haven't played with her when we could hear each other - just in the Fireworks (where there are 20 oboes, and I've never sat near her), but through the grapevine I understand she is good. Hopefully I won't make a fool of myself! We'll see. More tomorrow!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

party on dude

I've been celebrating my birthday for about 2 weeks now, with various friends and reletives...had three answering machine versions of Happy Birthday, and two cakes! My neighbor made me a beautiful professional cake for our cookout yesterday - I may have her do D's cake (I am rather awful at the whole cake business). Anyway, this afternoon we are going to a child's birthday, he will be 5 and D is sooo excited. I am just glad I'm not in charge.

We had our planning meeting for the music at church - very informal, but I thought it was great. Now we have dates through December for the bell choir! I have been very lethargic about planning, but now I'm kind of excited to get going. I MAY even have a bit of money for music, apparently it is a secret. Aren't church politics fun? But I suppose I should get it in gear and at least have some music for our first rehearsal picked out - I never know how many people will show up and in bell choir you have to play music with a specific amount of people. Such a trouble.

Friday, August 24, 2007

First day with Auntie C

Here is D on the first day of school (Tuesday)- actually just an orientation day...but the pics with mom and dad were so awful I can't put them up! Hopefully he will be better on the real first day. So this is my best friend C with our (somewhat) bratty child. He ended up loving his time at school, and I can't wait for him to start up full time. Then no more excuses for not practicing/exercising/making reeds/cleaning house...this could be bad.

older and wiser

My sweet man put in one row of fake hardwood floor for me today!!! Actually this was a hard row because of the vent - the next few should be easier. Hopefully we will get farther tonight.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I love comic strips. I guess I only love a few of them, but I check them every day - sort of like mini-soaps! I have always been very distainful of people who are addicted to soap operas, but I guess now I can see how they get that way.

The ones I really like are For Better or For Worse and Funky Winkerbean. I also like Luann, Zits, 9 Chickweed Lane and Sally Forth. I like the "Far Side-eske" ones, but usually I don't take the time to check those unless I am bored with time on my hands. It is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I really appreciate how you can get a "truth" into three little panels most days; and these strips all have certain characters I can relate to. That's all.

Another day

Today I had great plans but didn't get much done on the list...however, I did get a lot done in Ds room. Goodwill, trash, sort sort sort! And the piles of clothes - now he is going to be a big schoolboy I need to have playclothes and schoolclothes. We got new dressers from cousin B, and someday we will even put them in his room! Hopefully that will really happen before school, we have time, but there are so many things to move OUT before we can fit anything IN. *sigh*

Tonight is our first symphony rehearsal - since it is pops I guess some people won't come until after labor day, but most of the gang will be there. I am really excited, and I have reeds so hopefully I will even sound good! Almost forgot that tomorrow is my birthday, seems so weird to be 42, I still feel like I'm 24. Except I've done a lot of fun stuff in those years (and my poor body has been through a lot!). But I am really pretty happy with where I am right now, wish we were closer to family, but we have great neighbors and friends, and I'm playing a lot which makes me feel fulfilled. Jim and I should do more couple things this year I think, but other than that I wouldn't change anything!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yay - first opera rehearsal went great (IMHO); can't wait to get with the singers. Our harpist wasn't there, but she is terrific; and the rest of the group was reading really well. I think this is by far the best this group has sounded for a first rehearsal.

Tomorrow many of the same people will meet for our first Labor Day Concert rehearsal - I believe we do William Tell again - fun for me!!! Also Fingal's Cave which is very fun, and mostly a bunch of schlock after that. I haven't done much today, not really feeling up to snuff (whatever that is).

Our lawn is very disreputable looking -- good thing no one can see it from the road! We need to do the weed and feed thing, tomorrow would be the perfect day for that - maybe if I write it here I will feel obliged to actually do it. I am excited because my dad (retired!) is coming in September for a week to help out around the place. Just because. What a guy! I can't wait, I have a million things he can help me with that Jim just never seems to have time for. I guess he is too busy buying cars (now he has a brilliant plan for the newest one, which he PROMISED to sell. Needless to say, the brilliant plan does not include selling the car)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

back in the saddle...

A lot has happened since I last blogged! But now suddenly summer is over and we're back from vacation (fun fun fun), my friend came for a whirlwind 27 hour visit from Ohio, and D had his first day of school (sort of). Actually it was a 2 hour kindergarden intro, they won't really get going until September, but it was a taste of the real thing. I am excited and sad, but mostly I haven't spent much time thinking about it. He had a great time, btw.

My biggest project is getting a "big boy" room ready before school starts...we got cousin B's old bunk bed and drawers (really nice ones) and my old desk, and I plan to move out the big old double bed and rocking chair and changing table (which we've been using as a dresser). There will be a lot more room, and I want to get some more bookcases as he seems to be infected with the same book disease that Jim and I have (too many books!!!!) Starting tomorrow for sure.

Tonight is the first opera rehearsal (yay!) MadameButterfly - should be interesting as I haven't played for 2 weeks (just tried a few reeds this morning - no actual playing). Could be real bad. But hopefully this year I will really focus on making reeds and practicing (with all my new free time). We'll see. I just got a call about doing a children's bell choir at church - would be fun but I hope they will pay me...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

bad laptop!

Sad news, my laptop is behaving badly (naughty naughty) and crashes whenever I try to post to this site. So I am downstairs in my lovely new office on the desktop machine (yay, lots of computers). We never run out of backup options at our house - 18 cars - countless computers - numerous instruments...

Anyway, today I played in church - lovely, sightreading, no-stress and high praise. All the best stuff. And then I went to see Kiss Me Kate, at the same theater series that I just played Putting It Together. I think they did a good job, but it really isn't my kind of show. Ah well. I'm really glad it worked out that I played the other one - thank you, nameless orchestrators!!!!

Now I just have to prepare for the church staff meeting (not just music, whole staff, all day - could be scary) and then we leave for a week of fun with relatives! Lots of driving, but I'm sure we'll have a great time. Going to the beach (in various spots along Oregon/WA coast) and other places too - we'll take our "reconditioned" camper. That means we bought it, assured that everything worked and it was in ok shape - THEN we discovered that everything didn't work (we DID try things at the seller's) and it apparently had been used as a chicken coop or rabbit hutch at some point. After MUCH painting, ripping out and replacing of walls, floors, various benches and other wood, and repairing all the electronics (thank goodness Jim is a genius at that) it all works and is in good shape. NEVER buy a camper in February.