Sunday, August 5, 2007

bad laptop!

Sad news, my laptop is behaving badly (naughty naughty) and crashes whenever I try to post to this site. So I am downstairs in my lovely new office on the desktop machine (yay, lots of computers). We never run out of backup options at our house - 18 cars - countless computers - numerous instruments...

Anyway, today I played in church - lovely, sightreading, no-stress and high praise. All the best stuff. And then I went to see Kiss Me Kate, at the same theater series that I just played Putting It Together. I think they did a good job, but it really isn't my kind of show. Ah well. I'm really glad it worked out that I played the other one - thank you, nameless orchestrators!!!!

Now I just have to prepare for the church staff meeting (not just music, whole staff, all day - could be scary) and then we leave for a week of fun with relatives! Lots of driving, but I'm sure we'll have a great time. Going to the beach (in various spots along Oregon/WA coast) and other places too - we'll take our "reconditioned" camper. That means we bought it, assured that everything worked and it was in ok shape - THEN we discovered that everything didn't work (we DID try things at the seller's) and it apparently had been used as a chicken coop or rabbit hutch at some point. After MUCH painting, ripping out and replacing of walls, floors, various benches and other wood, and repairing all the electronics (thank goodness Jim is a genius at that) it all works and is in good shape. NEVER buy a camper in February.


Palm said...

Hey hon, have a great time on vacation. I expect az full blog update when you return.

C.J. said...

Have a great trip! Don't forget about the Lincoln City outlet mall! Fall is right around the corner!