Tuesday, August 21, 2007

back in the saddle...

A lot has happened since I last blogged! But now suddenly summer is over and we're back from vacation (fun fun fun), my friend came for a whirlwind 27 hour visit from Ohio, and D had his first day of school (sort of). Actually it was a 2 hour kindergarden intro, they won't really get going until September, but it was a taste of the real thing. I am excited and sad, but mostly I haven't spent much time thinking about it. He had a great time, btw.

My biggest project is getting a "big boy" room ready before school starts...we got cousin B's old bunk bed and drawers (really nice ones) and my old desk, and I plan to move out the big old double bed and rocking chair and changing table (which we've been using as a dresser). There will be a lot more room, and I want to get some more bookcases as he seems to be infected with the same book disease that Jim and I have (too many books!!!!) Starting tomorrow for sure.

Tonight is the first opera rehearsal (yay!) MadameButterfly - should be interesting as I haven't played for 2 weeks (just tried a few reeds this morning - no actual playing). Could be real bad. But hopefully this year I will really focus on making reeds and practicing (with all my new free time). We'll see. I just got a call about doing a children's bell choir at church - would be fun but I hope they will pay me...

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Aage Nielsen said...

Speaking of back in the saddle, I need to learn how to sit properly in one, so to speak. I am trying to learn the art of profiling and shaping cane for my douçaine. Since March, I have been making reeds from cane that was already shaped and profiled for contrabassoon, which make me bad. Really bad. The douçaine is a cylindrical bore little beast, so the profile of the reed is more straight and even, just thinner toards the tip. In using the cheating cane, I have a more difficult time with pitch and legato tonguing, although I have scraped a couple of them into submission.

Fast forward to this week. Bassoon players will drop $1500 on a reed profiler, but we "pre-music" types just get to do it all by hand. I worked on profiling a piece of cane for two days (being weelly careful) only to have the thing split when I folded it over. I didn't even cuss!

Oh, hi Jill.

Anyway, I soaked up another piece, so I am going to do that instead of watch "America's Got Talent".