Sunday, August 26, 2007

party on dude

I've been celebrating my birthday for about 2 weeks now, with various friends and reletives...had three answering machine versions of Happy Birthday, and two cakes! My neighbor made me a beautiful professional cake for our cookout yesterday - I may have her do D's cake (I am rather awful at the whole cake business). Anyway, this afternoon we are going to a child's birthday, he will be 5 and D is sooo excited. I am just glad I'm not in charge.

We had our planning meeting for the music at church - very informal, but I thought it was great. Now we have dates through December for the bell choir! I have been very lethargic about planning, but now I'm kind of excited to get going. I MAY even have a bit of money for music, apparently it is a secret. Aren't church politics fun? But I suppose I should get it in gear and at least have some music for our first rehearsal picked out - I never know how many people will show up and in bell choir you have to play music with a specific amount of people. Such a trouble.

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