Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Into the Woods

Now I am sad because I just found out there is no oboe part for Into the Woods! What kind of stupid orchestrator did that???? And the contractor must not have even checked her instrumentation, because she asked me (kind of begged even) several weeks ago. She still hasn't gotten back to me (which I think is rude, but hey, she's a contractor in town so I have to be nice right?!) but my friend M, who is playing in the show, told me the contractor had told HER there were no oboe parts and she was all sad about it. So I wonder how long she is going to keep me dangling here - I mean, there are only 4 services (it's a benefit show, so one night only) but still, those are 4 nights I am holding for her.

Maybe I should be nice and drop her an email. I'll think about it, but it annoys me when people drop the ball like that, especially people in charge of things like jobs. I will wait a bit and then email - maybe tomorrow.

And last night while putting the EH together, I noticed one of the bocals (little top piece) was gone! It was a Lickman bocal too (gold -probably around $200). Of course this EH is not MINE, it belongs to my old teacher B (plays in the big symphony). So I feel terrible, but it could be that B used it during the Fireworks concert and never put it back in my case - she was using
"my" horn as we were playing outside. So I have to ask her, but first I will tear up the house. I can't imagine it is here though, since I don't think I have played at all since the Fireworks concert (guilty admission!)


patty said...

Nope. No oboe in Into the Woods. Too bad, eh? A lot of Sondheim musicals use doubling books too. I've playing A Little Night Music and Sweeney Todd, but Assassins, Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George, Follies ... and more ... are either oboe-less or doubling books. His two orchestrators, Jonathan Tunick and Michael Starobin just tend to do this. I even razzed Mr. Starobin about Sunday in the Park, since it's my favorite musical!

Jill Cathey said...

And how disappointing, since his 2nd review (Putting It Together) has a great oboe book with stuff from Assassins, Sunday ITPWG, Company, Forum, Into the Woods and more! I guess I should be happy I got to play all the good stuff for that, without all that boring underscoring...