Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Fun fun fun, we played until I just couldn't keep my lips on the reed tonight! I don't know if that is because I was switching from EH? Of course I just did a show with 28 changes and that didn't kill me like this...probably it was 1812 overblowing more than anything else.

The new second oboe was there, she did a credible job, but I hope she gets a better reed and actually plays a bit more for the concert. She may have been really tired (although she left when David dismissed most of the orchestra so we could go through some of the opera at 9pm) It is really beautiful music, I really should practice! Speaking of which, I MUST go through the solo in William Tell and put in some breaths. I sound great (more or less) at the beginning, and then there is the endless passage-- I was DYING by the end. Unfortunately that was not the end of rehearsal. But it was really fun to play tonight, and I think I will get to play the Bach Double with P on the April concert - yay!

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