Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another day

Today I had great plans but didn't get much done on the list...however, I did get a lot done in Ds room. Goodwill, trash, sort sort sort! And the piles of clothes - now he is going to be a big schoolboy I need to have playclothes and schoolclothes. We got new dressers from cousin B, and someday we will even put them in his room! Hopefully that will really happen before school, we have time, but there are so many things to move OUT before we can fit anything IN. *sigh*

Tonight is our first symphony rehearsal - since it is pops I guess some people won't come until after labor day, but most of the gang will be there. I am really excited, and I have reeds so hopefully I will even sound good! Almost forgot that tomorrow is my birthday, seems so weird to be 42, I still feel like I'm 24. Except I've done a lot of fun stuff in those years (and my poor body has been through a lot!). But I am really pretty happy with where I am right now, wish we were closer to family, but we have great neighbors and friends, and I'm playing a lot which makes me feel fulfilled. Jim and I should do more couple things this year I think, but other than that I wouldn't change anything!

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