Monday, March 17, 2014


So funny that my last post was entitled "the end of things". Since then, it has been revealed that my little orchestra is struggling to even finish this season financially. I am hopeful that we will at least make it through this season but the future is not looking super shiny. It really breaks my heart to think that through mismanagement we may lose this wonderful organization! 

We just finished our young artist concert, symphony played well and of course the soloists were all stellar. We were supposed to do symphonie Fantastique for our final concert in May, but apparently this is out of the question now. New repertoire has not been decided yet, it has really stressful. They're hoping to put something together in less rehearsals to save money. 

The theater is having a benefit, for which I will be playing oboe. It appears to just be a bunch of love songs from Broadway musicals, called "easy to love concert package". It appears to be just the songs with no storyline at all. Should be fun, and it's so much easier with just one instrument! Gypsy (opens in May) looks like I'll be playing at least four things, won't know for sure until we get the books and decide how to divide things up. 

In happier news I am trying a Loree Royale oboe right now, is used but seems to be in very good condition. I will decide next few days if I'm going to take the plunge. It's kind of tainted by the fact that their may not be a symphony next year, where will I play this fabulous instrument??