Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am so tired! What an exhausting show (La Cage aux Folles) - and of course we have nothing on the dancers. Apparently they are amazing; we are trying to rig a mirror or something but as it is I can't see a thing. Not that we have time to look, the books are all really note-intensive! Even the trombones were

But overall things went great last night, I just hope we don't have let-down tonight. People get so worked up to get through opening and then don't have that same intensity. They did invite us to the bar last night so I went briefly - apparently there was supposed to be food but they ended up ordering pizza in, can't wait to hear the story on that. But I was starving after, and it was fun to see people. And so nice to be invited as they usually forget the orchestra. But I'm a social girl - always try to get to know some of the cast, and of course the crew is the same as for our orchestra concerts so I know all the permanent people. Dying for rest now, and tomorrow will be worse, apparently I have been drafted to speak in church about Hs retirement gift. Not delighted to speak, but I guess better me than the pastor (since they really don't get along). She is gone this week so it is perfect for plotting, and next week is her last week!!! How did it come so soon? Anyway, if you want to check out the beautiful stands we are getting here is the site, just be aware this guy is booked 7 months in advance!

Monday, June 23, 2008

La Cage

Finally! I have had a long break, but I couldn't log on in Wyoming for some reason, and I decided it wasn't a big enough deal to find another computer. I actually practiced every day of my vacation, and I'm really glad I did because Sunday was a killer rehearsal (6 hours).

Lots a great musicians, I was worried about being the "dud", but I must say I think I fit in fine. Not perfect, but the book 1 guy was out of his element playing mostly flute and picc (and also alto flute, clarinet and alto sax!). He used to play as a studio musician down in LA, so I guess this is no big deal for him, but I felt like I held my own. M is having a great time on bari and bass clarinet - she just loves honkin it out back there. She is sitting behind me (at least for the rehearsal which wasn't in the pit so who knows).

This is the biggest pit I think I have seen at this theater. 5 winds (all doubling at least 2), 5 horns with various doubles, 3 percussionists with a TON of stuff including timps and xylophones (big), keyboard, 2 vlns, cello, 2 guitars, upright bass and harp! I think that's all. NOT looking forward to cramming that all into the pit. My favorite conductor is playing keyboards for this, he will conduct Les Mis in August. Guess he is also doing Once Upon a Mattress, I am wondering who they got to play oboe for that. The conductor for this show is a great singer.

Got my folder for our parks concerts with the symphony. Looks ok, am kind of excited that my family will get to go to one in July! Not that I have anything impressive, but most of them will like this sort of concert (loud and fast).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

spoke too soon...

I thought I would have this nice hiatus (read: no practicing) before La Cage, actually I was kind of worried that I wouldn't play at all due to vacation and lack of gigs (only 2 weeks, but still!). So now that worry is over - our DOM who is retiring in a month, made the frantic call to beg me to play. Must admit it is kind of flattering, but I had said I didn't want to play on Father's Day, since we are leaving that day anyway and I wanted to spend as much time with J as possible. Oh well, he can come to church. Or not, as it is "his" day!

But DOM asked me to play this piece by her ex, who was an oboe player in the SS years ago, and he wrote some lovely stuff. She really wanted to do it before she left, and things are going to get crazy until she leaves. Then the giant dearth of music will begin *sigh*. And then there will only be a week until the 6 hour rehearsal with big time musicians I don't want to embarrass myself in front of. Perhaps I should also make some reeds!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, thank god that is over! Actually they did mostly ok, and very impressive that they were all 4ih, but unfortunately we got off in the middle (weird place) - but fabulously got back on near the end! Yay. I was hissing out measure numbers but I think they were so freaked they couldn't really respond well, but with random dinging for a few bars it was ok. And the beginning and end were really good.

Now I just have to inspire myself to make some reeds and keep playing so I don't die when we start La Cage in a few weeks. In one week we will drive to Seattle, then on to Wyoming for my fun girls-only visit with C. Poor J will be home alone, but I'm betting he will have a nice time anyway, sometimes it is nice to have the place to yourself!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

the endless playing...

Argh! I am so out of shape - but the end is near. Only 2 more concerts tomorrow then off until La Cage aux Folles starts June 22. That seems far but we have the last week of school for D, and then he goes to gramas and I go to Wyoming!!! for almost a week. But the school concerts are going well, just so much driving. The flutist is great, hopefully she will play with us in CDA sometime. They try to use the local people first, then fill in with "others", I feel good knowing they got me even though there were oboes that auditioned. The strings are mostly from the Youth Orchestra, and my friend C is playing clarinet - he is amazing in that he plays EVERYTHING. And I feel so old - they are all just around 20! It is odd that I don't feel older than them until I look down (hahaha). More there than there used to be.

So far my reeds have been pretty good, but must do something drastic before I play EH for La Cage. Beethoven (VW, conductor for these school concerts) and R are both playing horn for La Cage too. I love playing in the pit at CST, they always have great people. And of course it pays well!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

school concerts

In the middle of 12 school concerts - all of them are at least 90 minutes away so we are carpooling. Today I had the lovely experience of driving past my rider without seeing her 4 times. 3 cell phone calls and 30 minutes after our scheduled time, we finally hooked up! But fortunately we had planned extra time and ended up arriving at the school in time.

The "show" is excerpts from Beethoven 6, although we play the exposition of Beet 5, then pieces of all 5 mvts of Beet 6. We have someone playing Beethoven and his landlady, and they pretend to take a walk in the country while he composes - then we play each mvt. It is rather clever - MUCH easier to play for 2-3 minutes with breaks between each mvt! I think I played ok - biggest thing is the scherzo mvt solo, thank goodness I know that one cold (since I've never played the actual symphony). Some of the players are not fabulous, but mostly it is pretty good.

Monday, June 2, 2008


So here we are, ready to show off my skills as a serpent expert...
Actually went amazingly well and it was over so fast! But I'm not complaining.

And my boss (who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this blog) is looking might fine in her hippie attire. We came out 2 by 2, first the serpents all in black (for primordial guck?), then 2 recorders in b&w, then 2 cellos in hippie-wear, and finally 2 bass guitars, supposedly in rocker gear but I couldn't tell any difference from what they always wear. The sermon was about Noah's ark so it was supposed to go along with that, who knows if the congregation "got" it... But fun!