Monday, June 23, 2008

La Cage

Finally! I have had a long break, but I couldn't log on in Wyoming for some reason, and I decided it wasn't a big enough deal to find another computer. I actually practiced every day of my vacation, and I'm really glad I did because Sunday was a killer rehearsal (6 hours).

Lots a great musicians, I was worried about being the "dud", but I must say I think I fit in fine. Not perfect, but the book 1 guy was out of his element playing mostly flute and picc (and also alto flute, clarinet and alto sax!). He used to play as a studio musician down in LA, so I guess this is no big deal for him, but I felt like I held my own. M is having a great time on bari and bass clarinet - she just loves honkin it out back there. She is sitting behind me (at least for the rehearsal which wasn't in the pit so who knows).

This is the biggest pit I think I have seen at this theater. 5 winds (all doubling at least 2), 5 horns with various doubles, 3 percussionists with a TON of stuff including timps and xylophones (big), keyboard, 2 vlns, cello, 2 guitars, upright bass and harp! I think that's all. NOT looking forward to cramming that all into the pit. My favorite conductor is playing keyboards for this, he will conduct Les Mis in August. Guess he is also doing Once Upon a Mattress, I am wondering who they got to play oboe for that. The conductor for this show is a great singer.

Got my folder for our parks concerts with the symphony. Looks ok, am kind of excited that my family will get to go to one in July! Not that I have anything impressive, but most of them will like this sort of concert (loud and fast).

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