Monday, June 2, 2008


So here we are, ready to show off my skills as a serpent expert...
Actually went amazingly well and it was over so fast! But I'm not complaining.

And my boss (who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this blog) is looking might fine in her hippie attire. We came out 2 by 2, first the serpents all in black (for primordial guck?), then 2 recorders in b&w, then 2 cellos in hippie-wear, and finally 2 bass guitars, supposedly in rocker gear but I couldn't tell any difference from what they always wear. The sermon was about Noah's ark so it was supposed to go along with that, who knows if the congregation "got" it... But fun!

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P said...

Just to reiterate, you are the sexiesst serpent player I know. So what kind of music was being played with 2 serpents, 2 records, 2 cellos and 2 elecric guitars??