Thursday, June 5, 2008

the endless playing...

Argh! I am so out of shape - but the end is near. Only 2 more concerts tomorrow then off until La Cage aux Folles starts June 22. That seems far but we have the last week of school for D, and then he goes to gramas and I go to Wyoming!!! for almost a week. But the school concerts are going well, just so much driving. The flutist is great, hopefully she will play with us in CDA sometime. They try to use the local people first, then fill in with "others", I feel good knowing they got me even though there were oboes that auditioned. The strings are mostly from the Youth Orchestra, and my friend C is playing clarinet - he is amazing in that he plays EVERYTHING. And I feel so old - they are all just around 20! It is odd that I don't feel older than them until I look down (hahaha). More there than there used to be.

So far my reeds have been pretty good, but must do something drastic before I play EH for La Cage. Beethoven (VW, conductor for these school concerts) and R are both playing horn for La Cage too. I love playing in the pit at CST, they always have great people. And of course it pays well!

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