Wednesday, June 11, 2008

spoke too soon...

I thought I would have this nice hiatus (read: no practicing) before La Cage, actually I was kind of worried that I wouldn't play at all due to vacation and lack of gigs (only 2 weeks, but still!). So now that worry is over - our DOM who is retiring in a month, made the frantic call to beg me to play. Must admit it is kind of flattering, but I had said I didn't want to play on Father's Day, since we are leaving that day anyway and I wanted to spend as much time with J as possible. Oh well, he can come to church. Or not, as it is "his" day!

But DOM asked me to play this piece by her ex, who was an oboe player in the SS years ago, and he wrote some lovely stuff. She really wanted to do it before she left, and things are going to get crazy until she leaves. Then the giant dearth of music will begin *sigh*. And then there will only be a week until the 6 hour rehearsal with big time musicians I don't want to embarrass myself in front of. Perhaps I should also make some reeds!

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