Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am so tired! What an exhausting show (La Cage aux Folles) - and of course we have nothing on the dancers. Apparently they are amazing; we are trying to rig a mirror or something but as it is I can't see a thing. Not that we have time to look, the books are all really note-intensive! Even the trombones were

But overall things went great last night, I just hope we don't have let-down tonight. People get so worked up to get through opening and then don't have that same intensity. They did invite us to the bar last night so I went briefly - apparently there was supposed to be food but they ended up ordering pizza in, can't wait to hear the story on that. But I was starving after, and it was fun to see people. And so nice to be invited as they usually forget the orchestra. But I'm a social girl - always try to get to know some of the cast, and of course the crew is the same as for our orchestra concerts so I know all the permanent people. Dying for rest now, and tomorrow will be worse, apparently I have been drafted to speak in church about Hs retirement gift. Not delighted to speak, but I guess better me than the pastor (since they really don't get along). She is gone this week so it is perfect for plotting, and next week is her last week!!! How did it come so soon? Anyway, if you want to check out the beautiful stands we are getting here is the site, just be aware this guy is booked 7 months in advance!

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