Tuesday, June 3, 2008

school concerts

In the middle of 12 school concerts - all of them are at least 90 minutes away so we are carpooling. Today I had the lovely experience of driving past my rider without seeing her 4 times. 3 cell phone calls and 30 minutes after our scheduled time, we finally hooked up! But fortunately we had planned extra time and ended up arriving at the school in time.

The "show" is excerpts from Beethoven 6, although we play the exposition of Beet 5, then pieces of all 5 mvts of Beet 6. We have someone playing Beethoven and his landlady, and they pretend to take a walk in the country while he composes - then we play each mvt. It is rather clever - MUCH easier to play for 2-3 minutes with breaks between each mvt! I think I played ok - biggest thing is the scherzo mvt solo, thank goodness I know that one cold (since I've never played the actual symphony). Some of the players are not fabulous, but mostly it is pretty good.

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