Saturday, June 20, 2009

audition comin'

So the Big Orchestra is having auditions for 2nd oboe. I am hoping the current aux oboe will move up, my big competition in town will take that spot and I will be on the sub list. Of course this would mean that no one from out of town wins. Which COULD happen! And I'm sure they won't be filling the sub list from out of town people, so my chances are not awful.

But as always the list is daunting. Not as long as some, but really perfecting any number of excerpts (and that d*#^@ Mozart) is a challenge. The Mysterious G has a system for auditions when he's on the panel - he just tallies every mistake. While this may seem obvious, it was kind of a shock to me! EACH mistake carrying that much weight. It is a really good way to get me to the next level though, I'm kind of a overall sound person as opposed to the notes on the page are the law person. But in an audition you have to play for the panel, and that is the easiest way to weed out people. No mistakes. Thats my new motto. HA!

So any die hard oboe people will want to know the list so here it is: Mozart oboe conc exposition, Brahms Vln Conc, Rossini Silken Ladder, Strauss Don Juan (fast AND slow); 2nd oboe parts: Brahms Variations on a theme by Haydn, Dvorak Cello Concerto (LOW stuff) Prokofiev Classical Symphony, Bach Brandenburg #1; EH parts: Dvorak New World, Rossini William Tell and Strauss Ein Heldenlaben. And there ya go. I have playedat least the excerpts before except Prokofiev, THAT is a true pain. But this will be good for me right?

Went for a coaching with the MG and he actually sat down and acted like it was a real audition! Keep in mind I just got this list a couple days ago, and most of this stuff I'd only played through. But it was surprisingly good experience, not that I sounded great, but I was ok AND now I really know what needs work. Will see him again next week. Audition isn't til August.

Friday, June 12, 2009


My little recorder crew was great! They all played well, we didn't get off on the round (which was harder in the big echo=y room) and they all got through their solo pieces without freaking out (which is the main worry for me). I was kind of freaked out about accompaning on the harp, but it went fine. And of course the harp is an excellent distraction!

I got a lovely rose for helping out this year, and the head teacher made a sweet little speech. I was just one of many "helping staff" or whatever they call us, but it was nice to be recognized. The piano teacher asked if I gave harp lessons! Hahahaha! Guess I fooled her, into thinking I could actually play the harp! Funny how crappy I play the harp and people come up asking for lessons and offering wedding gigs - and that NEVER happens with the oboe. Maybe I should take a hint?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tonight is my little recorder class's recital. I am funkily nervous, mostly because I foolishly offered to accompany them on my harp for one piece. I figured it would be no big deal, but harp is not really my "thing". So I'm nervous. Which is crazy, this is a recital for the KIDS, I'm just the accompanist, blah blah blah. Now I know how accompanists feel (sort of!)

In other oboe-y news, I planted my arundo donax (cane plant) from the mysterious G - he has some growing in his yard. I think he planted it two years ago and has made quite a few lovely reeds with the stuff that is the right size. Hopefully mine will grow as well, although D is eyeing it for pikestaffs.

No exciting playing news, but maybe I'll get something done in the garden!