Friday, June 12, 2009


My little recorder crew was great! They all played well, we didn't get off on the round (which was harder in the big echo=y room) and they all got through their solo pieces without freaking out (which is the main worry for me). I was kind of freaked out about accompaning on the harp, but it went fine. And of course the harp is an excellent distraction!

I got a lovely rose for helping out this year, and the head teacher made a sweet little speech. I was just one of many "helping staff" or whatever they call us, but it was nice to be recognized. The piano teacher asked if I gave harp lessons! Hahahaha! Guess I fooled her, into thinking I could actually play the harp! Funny how crappy I play the harp and people come up asking for lessons and offering wedding gigs - and that NEVER happens with the oboe. Maybe I should take a hint?

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