Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last night Jim and I went to our first (and only) rehearsal for the PerfectionNots - a motley crew of musicians (?) who get together and sightread one piece just to march in the 4th of July parade. The costumes are ANYTHING GOES. Last time we did it there were some very elaborate people - including darth vader and Janet Reno (both men, I think). The biggest thing for me is that I play the sousaphone in marching band...actually remembered fingerings pretty well (must have been my Easter baritone experience)
But this year I find that I can't see the music, I need longer arms!!! argh. Stupid oldness.

I actually practiced the oboe yesterday too, so I was reletively guilt free about the whole blowing my chops playing the tuba. La Cage is so fast and high I doubt I will ever get the whole thing. But we got a good review, no mention of the fabulous band. I am excited that several people I know are coming, love to have fans! Did look at Les Mis and I think it will be a breeze, I have a LOT of changes but nothing technically difficult (although sometimes you don't know until that first rehearsal!). I do have some pretty solo type stuff, which *if* I have good reeds will be great.

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Patty said...

Ooh, have fun with Les Mis! I've done it twice, when it was touring in SF.

No bad changes, and nothing technical at all. Just that one huge solo is all. There are other solos as well. The story I was told was that the composer didn't like the other wind players, so he wrote primarily for oboe/EH.