Tuesday, July 22, 2008

family vaca

Greetings from the lake! Things have been pretty busy here with my parents and my brothers with their respective families; lots of little boys (and one small girl). The weather was great - we went to a big water/amusement park - probably the biggest hit for us was the wave pool. No lines and even Jim had a great time.

On a sad note, our boat was doing great until Friday evening, it just suddenly stopped working (the motor). Jim spent most of Saturday working on it while the rest of us played at the lake, but to no avail. Hopefully he can get it going now that it is out of the water and home with all our tools. Everyone has left the house except us, we will stay one more night (the free one) and that will be that!

Mostly this has been a good stay, but when we got here the steep path down to the lake was blocked by two downed trees. We called the manager and offered to chainsaw our way through if we could just load up the wood, and she thought that was great. Then yesterday the neighbor came by and apparently the owner (California absentee of course!) was really mad and blah blah blah. I think he should have given us a huge deal because it was a big pain moving this wood (just fir, nothing special around here) and it was on a steep hillside with lots of other growth so it was hard to get to...he would have paid a LOT to have it dealt with.Dad said we should offer to give him his wood back minus our labor. It is just too bad, I really hope this all comes to nothing.

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