Sunday, July 13, 2008

La Cage - the end

And I must mention closing of La Cage - what a great show! I highly recommend this one to anyone, just to go see it or play in it, wind parts are very fun. I really loved the music, not as "deep" as Les Mis I suppose, but such a feel good show and while a lot of it is silly and slapstick, it does have a poinient message and therefore the ballads have lovely oboe parts. Yay.

I had several fans this weekend (love having fans) - K and L came up about 90 miles Friday, and K brought me these great oboe earrings! They can be my gig earrings now, very cute. And Sat auntie A and L (friend from theater) came, we went out to the Wine Cellar (lovely restaurant) before; I never have trouble eating ahead as long as I don't pig out. And after we went to the resort for snazzy dessert. Ugh! so yummy but we all nearly died of overeating! Oh well. The show was probably more energetic on Sat, closing usually is - but I thought it was really great every night. Seemed like the audience was really into it - we could hear the cheering (so cool); but A and L said they were between 2 complete dead stick in pants people who never cracked a smile. What a waste, if you're not going to give it a chance why bother going? L said his guy inadvertantly laughed during the monologue and it nearly killed him as he stifled himself. But at least L and A were having a grand time, and I guess the majority of others there too!

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