Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Symphony on the Sand

Saturday was our concert on the beach - it was just dumb luck that it was in the same town as my family reunion so they all came with the babies and everything. The sun shines directly into our "balloon shell" which is incredibly hot, but after about an hour it was very nice. Overall we played very well, especially since we have a reduced orchestra and a lot of ringers for the summer gigs. The second oboe (ringer) did a good job although she didn't play all the time, I think she was just hot and decided to take a break every once in a while. Oh well, she sounded great on EH in Harry Potter.

My biggest moment was probably the Adagio from Sparticus by Khachaturian (sp??!) which is really romantic, long solo. Fun stuff. Reeds were amazingly good considering the heat, and all my As were right on. Yay.

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