Tuesday, August 28, 2007

work work work

How can I get so tired "not working"???? I felt really good about getting three more widths of flooring in yesterday, but Jim was all grumpy that it wasn't close enough to the wall, blah blah blah. I'm sure it WAS close enough but he just needed to complain. It annoys me because I am doing this stupid floor because HE wanted it in there, but now he won't help. (except on my birthday he put in one width, which was a hard one I admit!) Oh well, I think I fixed it all up to his liking now.

Tomorrow we get our new kitties! We are driving 3 hours (what am I nuts???) to pick up the cats from my sister-in-law, but at least now they will be eternally in our debt for getting these felines off their hands! And they are exactly what we wanted, short-haired littermates, a bit older (5 months) but not too old to bond with dog (hopefully!!!). That should be interesting.

Went school shoe shopping today, D has promised to learn to tie his shoes now (we got the tie-ing kind); of course they were camo and he HAD to have them. They were also inexpensive (CHEAP!) so I thought we'd give it a try. I think he is really nervous about the whole school thing.

Tonight we actually have a second oboist! I am so excited to play with this lady, she is local and may be interested in playing all the time (we've been getting ringers to come in right before the concert for almost a year now). I haven't played with her when we could hear each other - just in the Fireworks (where there are 20 oboes, and I've never sat near her), but through the grapevine I understand she is good. Hopefully I won't make a fool of myself! We'll see. More tomorrow!

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