Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yay - first opera rehearsal went great (IMHO); can't wait to get with the singers. Our harpist wasn't there, but she is terrific; and the rest of the group was reading really well. I think this is by far the best this group has sounded for a first rehearsal.

Tomorrow many of the same people will meet for our first Labor Day Concert rehearsal - I believe we do William Tell again - fun for me!!! Also Fingal's Cave which is very fun, and mostly a bunch of schlock after that. I haven't done much today, not really feeling up to snuff (whatever that is).

Our lawn is very disreputable looking -- good thing no one can see it from the road! We need to do the weed and feed thing, tomorrow would be the perfect day for that - maybe if I write it here I will feel obliged to actually do it. I am excited because my dad (retired!) is coming in September for a week to help out around the place. Just because. What a guy! I can't wait, I have a million things he can help me with that Jim just never seems to have time for. I guess he is too busy buying cars (now he has a brilliant plan for the newest one, which he PROMISED to sell. Needless to say, the brilliant plan does not include selling the car)


Jillian said...

Ah! There you are! I can't believe I haven't seen your blog yet. May I add you to my links?

Jill Cathey said...

Of course! I read your blog every day! Someday I will figure out how to have a blog list...