Sunday, April 15, 2007

It is finished!

Yay! The Mozart concert is history, and I can even think back without wincing. Mostly it went pretty well, I believe, and someone videorecorded so I guess at some distant point I can watch. But Gs reed was amazing, I didn't have any memory lapses, and the dress looked good. My hair was ok, the gay guy made it sleek and straight...not really what I like, but it was a fun change. I love to have someone else do my hair and K and I got our nails done to, supposed to be fun girl time; but since Jim had to work today (and tomorrow, poor guy) we had to take D with us. He was really good, and then he had to go to the concert and be more good! Sweet little guy - and at the end he came up with flowers for me. I got lots of flowers which is always really nice. Now ready to decompress for a few months.

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Palm said...

COngrats Dear!! I am sure you were spectacular. I wish I could have been there.