Saturday, April 14, 2007

big day

My stomach hurts...I am wondering if I am sick because I don't really feel nervous. And usually before recitals I haven't had nervousness until I get closer to "the time". Oh well. I think I'm more nervous about what I'm wearing than actually playing the piece! Also, I just remembered I have to bow after - bowing is so awkward. Well, one more thing to fret about.

K is here, the Carmina Burana concert went well last night - 270 (odd) singers in the choir! They were packed like sardines, but at least they all got chairs. Jim thought the orchestra sounded more prepared on the Mendelssohn (5), but I enjoyed the Orff just fine. The tpt had one boffed entrance, but the On the Green fanfare was perfect - and I guess the bassoon missed something in the swan solo, but if you're going to miss something I would say that is a good movement to fake it. The flute was amazing (both pieces) and the oboes were just fine - no huge solos but some nice chord things w/flute, and the EEDD (or is is FFEE?) part at the beginning of O Fortuna is pretty exposed.

I have been thinking about auditioning for the sub list in the big orchestra - they are doing Rite of Spring next year (5 oboe spots!) but they keep hiring people from big metropolis 300 miles away to play 4th oboe, makes me feel pretty unworthy. Although at their request my last audition was on 2 days notice, AND they didn't tell me what was on the rep list! I only did it so they could notice how I would be great to have on the sub list as I would play any gig at the last minute - apparently not impressive! Oh well.

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