Monday, April 2, 2007


It's snowing. NOT an April Fools joke, but actual snow. *sigh* I also found the first daffodil in the garden today, suppose it will freeze it's little petals off. I doubt the snow will stick, but it is really coming down right now. My uncle is here from Hawaii, and he said he hadn't seen snow falling for 40 years (he grew up here in Washington). Makes me want to sit in front of the fire and read. Instead of practice, which is what I NEED to do.

Mom and Dad are here, really great to leave D with them a couple hours for FREE! And they LOVE it! Of course, I think they love it when we come take him away too. He's a bundle of energy. Went to the Barnes and Noble with mom (our favorite place - a Starbucks, Thomas the train setup, AND books galore!); she bought tons of books and I got three cds, including another Mozart oboe concerto (Randall Wolfgang, my teacher at Apsen!) and the new Josh Groben and a Michael W Smith. I just love men's voices, and I had a gift certificate so I spent it all. Fun.

Band tonight for the first time in a while, would just bag it but it's kind of like a date since my parents will watch Daniel. Wish they would take him all night so we could go out, but they don't seem to be up for that (not that I blame them!). J gets really unhappy when I complain about band, so I will try to keep a positive attitude - and happily the G Orchestra needs me to play eh for their concert this month so I will miss a few band rehearsals for that (same night).

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