Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Isn't this all about me?

Last night's rehearsal went pretty well - it was great to have D conducting! Dr. P is great and such a nice guy, but it's like D reads my mind and pulls the orchestra along with him! Hopefully that rehearsal will make the orchestra know what to do on Saturday (when Dr. P conducts).

I also found a stand shelf the horn player is letting me borrow. I was all happy and then I ran into her car backing out - really a tiny bump but I checked and couldn't see a thing. Left her a message so I hope I don't hear from her. I am having a hard time concentrating on other things - kinda like when you get married. EVERYTHING seems to revolve around the wedding! I am trying to keep this in perspective - but it is kind of terrifying to think about playing in front of the group. I guess it has been too long since I've done a recital. And three people are doing solos after all, it's not like I'm the star.

OH,and that is another thing - D gave me this handwritten part he wants the three soloists (stooges? amigas? bears?) to do together at the end. I am so not into this, it is exactly something from the three tenors - Quando mia uo soletta??? Of course I am mostly thinking that I outweigh the other two girls each by 50 lbs depressing. And as I said before, it's all about me!!!! Also I am taller by at least 6 inches and I'm wearing 3 inch heels - not really my choice but the only navy shoes I could find! At least they are really comfy (besides that whole teetering around part).

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