Saturday, April 7, 2007


So our last gig (ww5) was pretty good - actually we played in a hair salon downtown. The city has a "First Friday" thing; I guess this one was not too well attended probably because of the holiday. But we played well and the owners seemed happy - three hours went by quickly and they gave us each a bottle of champaign (and $50). Not bad for hicksville. Also - the guy who hooked us up is a budding oboist (fulltime doctor) and he was raving about me playing the Mozart next week. So then he decided I needed to have the owner do my hair for the concert...this could be fun or really bad. But he only had time at 11am so I have time to fix it if he makes me look too weird. And I decided to get manicures for me and K since she is spending the night. It will be our girl time. With all the gay guys.

Hook up man was just raving about my reed and my sound - have to say that was great to hear! Much needed ego boost, also fun to play in a "ringy" place since where I practice is just dead. Of course, where ever else I play sounds way better!

Today we attempted to go to an egg hunt. I went to the gym and church to set up for bells tomorrow, then called J to let him know to be ready when I got home (as I thought I was running a bit late). I pull up at home and he is all greasy and in his "car fixing clothes"; all happy because he fixed the automatic locks on the convertible. I said we have to go NOW because egg hunts are over about a minute after they start - but of course he runs in to take a shower (at least he was quicker than usual) and we finally leave about 15 minutes before egg hunt time. Of course we live 15 minutes away, and we're getting all blown around (no top) as he speeds to the place (which we aren't really sure where it is). We pull up and there are millions of cars, so we park and start walking. It is way over by the time we get there, but fortunately D has never been to an egg hunt before so he didn't know what he missed. We found some friends and they shared their eggs with him, and he got a balloon so it was all good. And the weather was beautiful! Perfect day (except for stupid lateness). I have informed J that I'm leaving tomorrow at 7:15 and if he isn't in the car he can just come later by himself. He has to play tpt, so he needs to be there early too, we'll see what happens!

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