Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It is hard to keep concentrating on the Mozart when it is getting all nice outside...but last night our band rehearsal was actually inspiring - the conductor announced my solo, nice of him; but our 19 year old clarinet player (who is the only one in the section that can play at all) is doing the Rondo mvt of the Mozart Clarinet concerto. This was his first time with the band, and he did pretty well but he is scared (of course) and the clarinets were wretched. Sadly, they have the violin parts in this transcription, so they are playing all the countermelody and lead parts where the soloist rests. It might get better if they practice, but they really just don't hear how behind they are (chronic problem in every piece).

Maybe I should play clarinet on that one, or at least play the part on oboe? We'll see how it goes. No one would have a clue if I just played it on oboe - I played the Oklahoma clarinet part (transposing) last night because the oboe parts are so boring. Kinda fun to practice transposing in a non-threatening environment!

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